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KKB: DAP trashed PN

KKB voted for DAP, not for Pakatan Harapan and certainly not for Anwar. Here’s how to win a soccer game – score more goals than...

Azalina raps PN for not separating AG and public prosecutor when...

PN didn’t even discuss the idea. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Law and Institutional Reform) Azalina Othman Said this morning fired a salvo at...

PN lodges report against Guan Eng, accuses him of ‘poisoning’ Chinese...

Perikatan Nasional (PN) lodged a police report this morning against DAP chairperson Lim Guan Eng. This is over a speech in which he is accused...

Businessperson gives MACC document on PN ‘gambling funds’

document on PN 'gambling funds'

Azalina denies saying MACC dropped ‘gaming funds’ inquiry into PN

MACC 'gaming funds' inquiry into PN

Hadi: No party can stop PN from toppling unity govt

Hadi claims the opposition has every right to topple the current government, not just through elections but via parliament.

PM says has evidence on PN campaign funding

Anwar Ibrahim today reminded Takiyuddin Hassan not to act in haste in denying the truth behind the source of PN election funds.

Hadi: PN to wait for next GE to ‘topple’ govt

PN is working to become the government by winning the next general election instead of looking to topple the current government.

Special 4D draws slashed to eight per year, after PN raised...

Number forecast firms will have to go back to just eight special lottery draws in a calendar year starting January 1 next year.

Ex-deputy Speaker: PN lobbying for Speaker role

Rashid Hasnon reportedly revealed that PN will be sending its proposed names for the role of Dewan Rakyat Speaker today.

Anwar: New govt based on national unity with PH, BN, GPS...

Anwar says he leads a unity government with the support of PH, BN and GPS.

Christian leaders in Kuching urge GPS to call off pact with...

The heads of the Catholic and Anglican churches in Kuching have added to calls for GPS to pull out of its pact with PN to form the next government.

Asyraf: PH more of a gentleman than PN

Asyraf said PH had emerged as more of a gentleman compared to PN when it came to discussions about forming the next government.

Petition calling for GPS to reject pact with PN garnered over...

A petition calling for Christian MPs from GPS to reject any collaboration with PN to form the next government has garnered over 23,400 signatures as at 9.45pm.

PN lost bid for Putrajaya after 10 BN MPs withdrew support...

PN lost the boost it needed to form the government yesterday, when 10 BN MPs recalled their earlier support.

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