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How a Sarawakian can become Prime Minister

And how Wan Ahmad Fayhsal walked into Kit Siang’s trap. After we published an article on the naughty intention of DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang...

Dennis Ignatius: Who will you choose to be your prime minister?

Anwar is the best man now, the only sane choice, for those who want to reverse our nation’s downward spiral. Five days left before polling....

Dennis Ignatiius: Do you want this man to be your next...

It would be a sad day for Malaysia if Zahid ends up in Putrajaya as our prime minister.

Hamzah: Ismail Sabri cannot brush off deal with PN after we...

PN would be sending a delegation to meet the prime minister to discuss the implementation of the agreement’s terms.

Guan Eng: Did PM green-light AGC meeting with Jho Low reps?

Lim Guan Eng has questioned if Ismail Sabri was aware of the meeting between the AGC and representatives of Jho Low.

Anwar: I was asked to cover up some court cases involving...

Anwar Ibrahim has reiterated his stance to not cooperate with corrupt politicians to fulfil his lifelong plan of becoming the country's prime minister.

PM: Stamp duty exemption for first-time home owners

For properties between RM500k and RM1 million, 50% exemption on stamp duty.

PM: Almost RM65m to help settlers, new generation of Felda

Ismail Sabri today announced an allocation of almost RM65 million for the implementation of five initiatives to help the Felda settlers.

PM-Muhyiddin deal in 2021 for a DPM from Bersatu

A provision under the agreement states that the document cannot be republished in any form and can only be kept for the reference of both parties.

PM just need to play dumb and delay election

Najib could go to jail and Zahid likely to be convicted.

PM won’t reshuffle Cabinet as Umno, Bersatu tussle for post after...

Ismail Sabri has today denied that he will implement a Cabinet reshuffle in order to strengthen his position in leading the administration.

PM wants to ‘wait for right time’ to call GE15, given...

Ismail Sabri has downplayed calls for an early election, citing a rise in food prices and other living costs.

Ambiga Joins Call for Dr M to Return as PM

National Human Rights Society (Hakam) chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan has backed those calling for Dr Mahathir to reconsider his resignation as the prime minister.

Dr M: No Definite PM Handover Date

There is no date set for Dr Mahathir hand over the prime minister position to Anwar Ibrahim because much work is yet to be done.

PM-Johor Palace Tiff

War of words between Mahathir and Johor palace rages on.

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