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Unwillingness to address racism will blunt Malaysia’s growth, Government told

Malaysia’s reluctance to confront rising racism in the country stands as one of the most significant impediments to the nation’s progress, according to a...

How Bangsa Johor stopped the spread of racism and radical Islamism

Bangsa Johor used the twin by-elections as a referendum to reject Perikatan Nasional. Opposition Perikatan Nasional’s “green wave” finally came to a screeching halt in...

Anwar: It’s time to stop this nonsense

Anwar Ibrahim says he wants to put a stop to racism and religious bigotry in the country.

Everything starts at school – racism will get worse if education...

The new government does not appear interested in tackling the sensitive issue, largely because the offenders are Muslims while the victims are non-Muslims.

Education minister warns stern action to curb extremism, racism in schools

Fadhlina Sidek today issued a stern warning that the government will not allow any sort of extremism and racism to infiltrate the country’s national education system.

Malaysians slam Awesome TV’s news bulletin for racism

Malaysians have panned a news channel for being racist after it encouraged Malays to vote to prevent non-Malays from taking power.

Decades of racism, extremism have come back to haunt this country

Malaysia lacks top brains during a critical time because instead of recognising meritocracy to produce talents, the racist government chose kakistocracy to nurture incompetent leaders.

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