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Rafizi to recruit 30K volunteers to start GE campaign next month

Rafizi is seeking 30,000 volunteers to get a head start on general election campaigning, which he hopes to kick off next month.

Ex-Sapura boss sues Rafizi over bailout issue

Rafizi’s alleged libellous statements include remuneration Shahril had received.

Rafizi calls for reforms in PKR after win

PKR/PH need to be smarter and more efficient as administrators and future ministers.

PKR polls: Rafizi secures deputy president’s post

Rafizi Ramli will become PKR’s next deputy president after outperforming his challenger in the party election.

Saifuddin: Guan Eng wanted me as adviser, nothing to do with...

Saifuddin Nasution has dismissed Rafizi for taking credit for his appointment as Lim Guan Eng’s strategic adviser when he was Penang chief minister in 2017.

Rafizi misses Sapura apology deadline, defamation suit looms

A defamation suit is looming over Rafizi Ramli amid his political spat with Najib over the financial problems of Sapura Energy.

Rafizi urges PKR lawmakers to push for anti-bailout law

Rafizi has urged his party colleagues to push for a law that would regulate the use of public funds to bail out companies.

Keep singing ‘Malays weak’ Umno tune and perish, Rafizi tells Bersatu

Bersatu’s strategy to stereotype Malays as weak and in need of a protector would only backfire on them.

Could be a dirty fight between Rafizi and Saifuddin

Vital that Anwar not take sides.

Rafizi: Sapura CEO was paid RM983m when Najib was PM

Rafizi says Sapura Energy's CEO had received some RM983 million in various payments from 2009 to 2018, when Najib was the prime minister.

PKR leaders launch ‘Ayuh Malaysia’ movement to draw fence-sitters for GE15

Malaysians have been urged to set aside their differences and foster closer ties to play their roles towards the creation of a better nation.

Saying Pakatan at risk of slipping back to ‘square one’, Rafizi...

Rafizi who announced his political comeback from a three-year hiatus is keen to run for a parliamentary seat again in the next general election.

PH should aim for 80 seats in GE15 to avoid losing...

A realistic benchmark for PH in the next general election would be to win about 80 parliamentary seats.

Rafizi: PH needs to retake narrative from ‘de facto opposition’ Najib

Najib is now effectively the de facto opposition after he “hijacked” the opposition’s ability to “connect with voters on a day-to-day basis” on his social media.

Rafizi: Better to spend billions on rakyat than bail out Sapura

Rafizi says that money used to bail out ailing oil and gas company Sapura Energy could be put to better use to serve the rakyat.

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