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Rafizi: PM as finance minister in current govt won’t be able...

Unity of different parties and coalitions ensured check and balance within the government.

Rafizi: Focus on turning Malaysia into high-income nation

Rafizi Ramli said his overall focus will be on taking Malaysia towards becoming a high-income nation.

Rafizi: Govt just wants MACC unfettered, no vendetta on Azam

Rafizi had reportedly said during a Nov 16 speech that Azam Baki would be called up if PH formed the govt after GE15.

Rafizi: Finance minister portfolio held by PM should not be for...

Should separate the prime minister from the finance portfolio.

Rafizi: PN supporters should ask why Muhyiddin tried to ‘steal’ MPs

PN supporters should question the wisdom of Muhyiddin in attempting to "steal" 10 MPs from BN to form a government.

Rafizi: PKR to file election petition against Muhyiddin over ‘shocking Christianisation’...

Election petition to nullify any GE15 victory in Pagoh over Muhyiddin’s claim.

Letter was for negotiations, not project approval – Zafrul tells Rafizi

The letter dated Oct 27 revealed by Rafizi was not an agreement to award a contract to a company but was a letter to approve negotiations.

Rafizi: MoF approved RM285m project 17 days after Parliament dissolved

Rafizi has revealed yet another letter in his ongoing series of exposes accusing the caretaker government of trying to bulldoze contracts worth billions of ringgit for cronies.

Rafizi: Two raids on Invoke in one day

Invoke has been raided by the MACC for the second time.

Go ahead, sue me, Rafizi tells Tuan Ibrahim

Tuan Ibrahim allegedly approved a RM2 billion project after Parliament was dissolved.

Rafizi furnished ‘proof’ of caretaker govt awarding tenders

Rafizi Ramli furnished “proof” related to his allegation that the caretaker government is awarding tenders.

Rafizi: Anwar and I have differences, but we agree on ‘no...

Rafizi would be the first to concede that he and Anwar disagree on numerous issues.

Rafizi: Some caretaker cabinet members trying to give out projects via...

RM2 billion project purportedly in the process of being awarded by caretaker minister Tuan Ibrahim.

Rafizi takes aim at PN, lists its failures

Rafizi took aim at PN by once again listing the coalition's failures during its 18 months in power.

Rafizi tells his BN, PN critics to ‘go back to school...

Critics in BN and PN unable to understand financial statements.

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