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Dr M Censured over ‘Orang Asing’ Remark

Dr Mahathir's remarks on how the Malays were forced to accept ‘orang asing’ (foreigners) during British rule in exchange for independence is downright insulting.

MP “Regrets” Dr M’s Party-Hopping Stance

DAP national legal bureau chief Ramkarpal Singh said Dr Mahathir's stance that party-hopping by politicians is acceptable if done for good reasons is “regrettable”.

Ramkarpal Attacks BN over Inaction in 1MDB, Altantuya, Other High-Profile Probes

Ramkarpal attacks Barisan Nasional over inaction in 1MDB, Altantuya and other high-profile probes.

PM Gives Green Light to Reopen Altantuya Case

The Prime Minister has given the green light to reopen the Altantuya case.

Lawyer of Altantuya’s Dad Says A-G Interested in Reopening Altantuya’s Case

The lawyer of Altantuya's dad says the Attorney-General is interested in reopening Altantuya's case.

Altantuya’s Dad to Meet A-G Today, PM Tomorrow

Altantuya's Dad to meet Attorney-General Tommy Thomas today and Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad tomorrow.

Australia Urged to Deport Sirul

Australia urged to deport Sirul.

Sirul Rejects Life Sentence Offer, Claims Did Not Kill Altantuya

Sirul rejects life sentence offer and claims he did not kill Altantuya.

Nationwide Interstate Travel Allowed from Monday

The government has decided to allow movements across states and districts nationwide without the need for police permit.

CMCO Extended to Dec 20 in KL, Selangor, Sabah but Ends in Putrajaya Tomorrow

The CMCO will be extended to December 20 for Kuala Lumpur and virtually all of Selangor and Sabah.

Budget Too Timid to Tackle Covid-19, Says Chin Tong After Rating Downgrade

It was clear that Budget 2021 would require unconventional thinking to address the high economic cost of the pandemic.

Ahmad Faizal Resigned as Perak MB Today

Ahmad Faizal Azumu officially tendered his resignation as the Perak MB after losing the confidence vote yesterday at the State Assembly.

Hannah Yeoh: Citizenship Should Be Granted to Every Child with a Malaysian Parent

Every child with a Malaysian parent or adopted by a Malaysian parent should be granted Malaysian citizenship.

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