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Prosecution in 1MDB case warns Najib’s defence team not to conduct...

Sri Ram strongly objects to Shafee’s act of issuing a media statement regarding evidence in the ongoing 1MDB trial.

Prison Dept rejected Najib’s application to attend Parliament because of security...

Najib Razak’s application to attend Parliament as a Pekan MP has failed.

Shafee to lead Najib’s SRC review bid

Najib's review application to reverse his conviction and sentence for the misappropriation of RM42 million in SRC funds has been fixed for case management.

Report: Action could be taken against Shafee over remark during Umno...

Shafee's remark on the unfairness in Najib's SRC case can be seen as contempt of court.

In letter to judges, Zaid Ibrahim firm claims Shafee made ‘false’...

A dispute is taking place between two lawyers who represented Najib at the Federal Court for his final SRC conviction appeal.

Shafee files appeal at Federal Court over decision to reject Najib’s...

QC wished to appeal against High Court’s decision.

What led Najib to replacing Shafee with Hisyam in SRC appeal

Change in line-up of lawyers from Shafee & Co to Messrs Zaid Ibrahim Suflan TH Liew & Partners.

Court releases passport, Shafee to fly to Italy over daughters’ education

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah obtained court assent to release his passport for a month in order to fly to Italy to attend to his two daughters’ educational matters there.

Shafee is more qualified, says prosecution in objecting to Najib’s bid...

QC not well-versed with local laws and has no experience with the Malaysian legal system.

1MDB trial: Judge says defence ‘going in circles’, Sri Ram ticks...

The prosecution in the 1MDB trial today accused Najib's lawyers of circling around the same material with their line of questioning and wasting the court’s time.

Najib’s lawyers in bid to force retrial of SRC case

Najib is hoping for a retrial over the RM42 million SRC corruption case.

Najib’s lawyer to undergo quarantine, 1MDB audit trial vacated

Shafee Abdullah is set to undergo mandatory five-day quarantine, following his arrival from the United Kingdom tomorrow.

Shafee in UK to meet QC, his money laundering trial vacated

Shafee Abdullah’s RM9.5 million money laundering trial this morning has been vacated as he is overseas to meet a prospective QC from the UK.

LHDN: Shafee intends to delay claim

Bid to stay RM9.41m tax suit abuse of court process.

Prosecution to call 2 more witnesses before closing lawyer Shafee’s case

The prosecution in the trial of lawyer Shafee Abdullah will call two more witnesses before closing the case.

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