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DPP: Najib’s lawyers’ stubborn insistence for an adjournment of SRC appeal...

The prosecution has contended that Najib's counsel was complacent in the Federal Court appeal of his RM42 million SRC corruption case.

In letter to judges, Zaid Ibrahim firm claims Shafee made ‘false’...

A dispute is taking place between two lawyers who represented Najib at the Federal Court for his final SRC conviction appeal.

Raja Petra claims Lokman was the instigator of calls to interfere...

Raja Petra claimed Lokman knows the source of the leak of a draft judgement on Najib’s final appeal in the SRC case.

Federal Court upholds Najib’s conviction, sentence

Timeline of this afternoon’s events in Najib’s final SRC appeal.

Najib applies to recuse Chief Justice from SRC appeal

Najib has applied to recuse Chief Justice Tun Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat from hearing his case.

Najib’s lawyer insists not making any submission

No submission from Najib's defence team despite having three days to prepare.

Zaid: We did our best

Zaid said his law firmhas done its best for Najib's final appeal against his conviction and sentence.

Najib’s SRC appeal: Prosecution wraps up submissions

The prosecution in Najib Razak’s final appeal for the SRC International case has concluded its submissions before the Federal Court.

Najib sacks Zaid’s law firm

Najib dismissed Zaid's law firm.

Hisyam Teh now says he won’t be able to participate in...

Hisyam Teh failed to get five judges in the Federal Court to allow him to discharge himself from representing Najib.

Zahid calls for support for Najib in ‘difficult’ SRC appeal

Zahid has urged the party to show its support for Najib in his “difficult” SRC appeal in the Federal Court.

Najib ‘shocked and bitterly disappointed’ over unfavourable ruling

Najib 'shocked and bitterly disappointed' over unfavourable ruling

Najib’s SRC appeal: No to introduce extra evidence, postpone hearing

Federal Court rejects Najib’s bid to adduce fresh evidence and defer the hearing by at least three to four months.

Najib’s last avenue to appeal his SRC conviction and sentence

After a four-year court battle, Najib will be up against their greatest challenge when the SRC case enters its final stage on Monday.

Zaid: We will not abandon our client Najib

Zaid denies his firm will withdraw if Najib’s SRC appeal proceeds.

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