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DAP MP: Thanks PAS for backing Teresa Kok, but we reap...

DAP lawmaker Lim Lip Eng is appreciative that PAS has expressed support in the wake of a death threat against Teresa Kok but could...

PAS rep apologises for claiming Teresa Kok is new Felda chief

fake news Teresa Kok new Felda chief

Teresa Kok: RM4 million to print book for schoolchildren is ‘ridiculous’

The government should audit the printing of a 'Mari Kenali Sawit (Let's Get to Know Palm Oil)' book for schoolchildren.

Jamal to appeal ruling in Teresa Kok’s defamation suit

Court had ordered Jamal to pay Kok RM300k for defamation.

Police investigating Jamal Yunos under Official Secrets Act

The police are investigating Jamal Md Yunos over several documents protected under the Official Secrets Act 1972 (OSA).

Teresa Kok tells Khairy, Ismail to talk to each other and...

Referring to yesterday’s announcements made by Khairy and Ismail on the places traced as hotspots by the HIDE system.

BN Govt Missed Chance to Sell More Palm Oil to China

Teresa Kok says the Barisan Nasional government missed the chance to sell more palm oil to China.

Dr M Cover-Up

Covering up Dr Mahathir's face in Pakatan Harapan campaign billboards.

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