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Kimora Lee says RM413m US wants from Tim Leissner is hers

Kimora Lee claims shares belong to her

Johari: Conviction of Goldman Sachs duo raises doubts about 1MDB’s settlement

Johari Ghani has questioned the 1MDB settlement agreement by Muhyiddin's govt following the conviction of two former Goldman Sachs employees.

Sarawak Report: US Prosecutors now targeting bigger fish over 1MDB?

The most plausible reason for such a postponement is that DOJ prosecutors have now obtained the cooperation of both men in going after the big fish in Goldman Sachs.

Ex-Goldman banker Tim Leissner: Greed and ambition motivated 1MDB bribery

Tim Leissner testified on Wednesday that "greed and ambition" drove his involvement in a bribery scheme that looted billions of dollars from 1MDB.

Tim Leissner allegedly a ‘double bigamist’

Time Leissner accused of testifying against Roger Ng to save himself.

MACC asks US for list of officials bribed by ex-Goldman banker...

Najib said the list of names could potentially exonerate him from the criminal charges he is facing in the 1MDB scandal.

Goldman Depicts Ex-Star Banker Leissner as Promiscuous Muslim Convert, “Master Con...

Goldman chief executive David M Solomon apologises to the Malaysian people for Leissner’s role in 1MDB fraud.

Former Goldman Sachs Banker in 1MDB Plea Talks with US

Former Goldman Sachs banker Tim Leissner is in 1MDB plea talks with the US.

The Goldman Lunch in Singapore That Set the Scene for 1MDB’s...

The Goldman lunch in Singapore that set the scene for 1MDB's money probe.

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