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Former A-G Denies Agreeing with Govt’s Decision to Drop Money-Laundering Charges...

Former attorney-general Tommy Thomas tonight denied agreeing with the government’s decision to drop money-laundering charges against Riza Aziz.

AG: People Spreading Fake News on Coronavirus to Be Charged Under...

Anyone spreading false information on the coronavirus outbreak will be prosecuted under the Penal Code.

No Need for Overkill, Explains AG on Dropping of Fresh Charges...

AG Tommy Thomas has explained the prosecution's decision to drop two additional charges related to the LTTE against a DAP assemblyperson.

A-G Okayed to Start Contempt Proceedings Against Umno’s Lokman Adam

Attorney-General (A-G) Tommy Thomas today obtained leave from the high court to initiate committal proceedings against Umno supreme council member Lokman Noor Adam for...

AG: Tahfiz School Abuse Suspects Not Charged Due to Lack of...

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas today said criminal proceedings against suspects for alleged sexual abuse of a minor in a tahfiz school were not initiated as there was a lack of evidence.

A-G: Malaysians Have Never Been Freer

Malaysians have never enjoyed as much freedom of expression since Merdeka as now, under the PH government.

Adib’s Inquest: A-G an Easy Target, Says Charles

Umno and PAS have been accused of trying to gain political mileage by claiming that Tommy Thomas had interfered in the Adib inquest and calling for his resignation.

A-G Assures Action on Adib’s Case

No stone will be left unturned when the police submit investigation papers on the death of firefighter Adib to the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

Calling Them “Vicious Lies”, A-G Rues Anti-Islam Allegations, Lodges Report

Tommy Thomas has lodged a police report against an allegation that he is anti-Islam.

Najib to be Detained Overnight, to be Charged over RM2.6B Tomorrow

Najib to be detained overnight and to be charged over RM2.6 billion tomorrow.

A Reforming A-G in a Reforming Government

A reforming A-G in a reforming government.

A-G: Leak Sensitive Info and Face Prosecution

The Attorney-General has warned that those who leak sensitive information will face prosecution.

Govt Should Not Govern Legal Profession

The Attorney-General Tommy Thomas has told the Government to hands off the legal profession.

1MDB Probe ‘Slow’ as Many Agencies Involved

1MDB probe is 'slow' as many agencies are involved.

AG Only Wants the Best in His Team

The Attorney-General Tommy Thomas only wants the best in his team.

Ku Li: Emergency Will Be ‘Final Nail’ for Country’s Battered Economy

Emergency 'final nail' for country's battered economy.

Covid-19: Whopping 1,228 New Cases

Malaysia recorded its highest spike of new Covid-19 cases in a day today, breaking the four-digit barrier with 1,228 cases.

Tommy Thomas: Declaring Emergency Would Be Unconstitutional

A proclamation of emergency under Article 150 of the federal constitution has tremendous negative consequences.

Dennis Ignatius: Muhyiddin Should Resign!

Declaring a state of emergency is nothing less than a coup against our system of parliamentary democracy.

Muhyiddin Tries to Gain Absolute Power Thru “Emergency Rule”

Muhyiddin tries to gain absolute power.

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