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Ambiga: Dangerous to hold inquiry into Thomas’ book

Ambiga has warned of the danger in holding a public inquiry into the memoirs of Tommy Thomas.

What else have you given to Umno, Ambiga asks PH over...

Ambiga and Siti Kasim fume, question if deal was struck over Thomas' probe.

The vendetta against Tommy Thomas

That the ones who are clamouring the loudest for action against Thomas are the same ones who were charged during his tenure as attorney-general.

Ex-Bar chief: Mere acquittal can’t sustain suit against Thomas

A mere acquittal of party leaders charged in court during the tenure of Tommy Thomas is insufficient to sustain a wrongful prosecution suit against him.

PSM leader: RCI for ex-AG’s book waste of time and money

Setting up a RCI to probe Tommy Thomas’ memoir is a waste of time and public funds.

Azalina: RCI on task force’s findings into Tommy Thomas’ book

A RCI will be set up to look into the report by the special task force on Tommy Thomas’ book.

High Court: Tommy Thomas made the right decision to charge Najib

Tommy Thomas had made the right decision to charge Najib for corruption.

Tommy Thomas sues govt, ‘illegal’ task force over memoir probe

The special task force is an unlawful body of persons having no authority in law to perform the function assigned to them.

Loke: No need for PH to answer on behalf of Tommy...

Thomas not a PH leader nor a member of any PH component parties.

Malaysian Bar: ‘Untimely’ declassification of report on Tommy Thomas an abuse...

The Malaysian Bar has questioned if declassification of the report detailing Putrajaya’s investigation into Tommy Thomas’ book is tantamount to an abuse of power.

Dr M: Why probe Tommy Thomas but not Apandi?

High Court judge concluded that Apandi was someone who did not speak the truth and failed to perform his duties as the A-G.

Special task force: Thomas, Bar Council did not cooperate in book...

Tommy Thomas and the Bar Council declined to cooperate with the investigation on the former’s memoirs.

AG told to explain Ismail Sabri’s instructions against Thomas

The constitutionality behind Ismail’s instructions to Idrus questioned. Attorney-General (AG) Idrus Harun must clarify whether he was instructed to take action against his predecessor Tommy...

Kit Siang: Ismail Sabri’s order on Thomas sends justice into wilderness

Lim Kit Siang launched a scathing salvo on Ismail Sabri for allegedly undermining the constitutional position of the attorney-general.

Ambiga: Probe into Thomas’ book tainted by PM’s ‘political ammo’ admission

Unprecedented attack on former AG who charged top-level crooks is an attack on the administration of justice.

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