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Only Umno, BN supporters want early election, poll reveals

Only Umno and BN supporters are eager to have an early election.

Musa Hitam: Judiciary has never been as independent as it is...

The judiciary has never been as independent as it is today when it comes to political affairs.

Incredibly bad news for Najib, Rosmah and Umno

Don’t expect Najib to stop pretending to be sick just to get out of prison – for a dose of fresh air.

Rafizi predicts Umno will meet its demise in 5-7 years

Rafizi has predicted the demise of the country’s Malay-based rival parties in five to seven years.

‘Rembau Raid’ an indictment of Umno’s power lust

Khairy has yesterday confirmed that he will be vacating his Rembau Parliamentary seat for Mohamad Hasan in the upcoming general election.

Guan Eng wonders why Umno’s not interested in catching Jho Low...

Lim Guan Eng today questioned Umno’s seeming disinterest in pushing the authorities to capture Low Taek Jho.

Lokman urges Umno to take action on Ismail Sabri

Lokman Adam has urged his party to take disciplinary action against Ismail Sabri.

Police reports lodged over Zahid’s ‘seditious’ speech at Umno special briefing

Bersatu Youth urged the police to probe Zahid for allegedly making seditious remarks in his speech during a special briefing to his party delegates on Saturday.

Radzi: Azalina is proof that Umno unrepentant

Azalina's decision to openly question Ismail Sabri's choice of AG was proof that Umno was unrepentant.

Bar Council: Umno’s loud stand against Federal Court decision an attack...

The Bar Council reiterated its stand that politicians should not be making any statements against Apex Court decisions.

Tears and jeers at Zahid’s special Umno briefing, PM a no-show

Whenever Ismail Sabri was mentioned in Zahid's speech, Umno delegates were heard booing loudly.

Najib’s family, lawyers attend Umno party briefing

The World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur today was swarmed with thousands of Umno members, who had come for a briefing on the party’s...

Zahid to address Umno at a briefing today

Zahid is expected to address the concerns of roiled party members at a briefing today, especially the jailing of Najib.

Najib’s daughter expected to deliver speech from her father at today’s...

Najib's daughter is expected to deliver a speech at an Umno meet today.

Umno to sue Malaysiakini, Astro Awani over alleged defamatory reports

Umno would be suing Malaysiakini and Astro Awani over what it saw as slanderous and irresponsible articles that created a negative perception of Umno.

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