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Fake Picture of Hospitalised DPM

A picture of Dr Wan Azizah Wan in hospital with Lim Kit Siang is an old one and the writings accompanying it are fake.

DPM: No Place for Fake News, Religious Hatred in New Malaysia

Wan Azizah said there is no place for religious hatred in the country and, as stakeholders, Malaysians must look after this land to the best of their ability.

Wan Azizah Will Quit When Anwar is PM

Wan Azizah will quit when Anwar is Prime Minister.

Hannah Yeoh: Others Not Pulling Weight in Child Bride Case

Hannah Yeoh says that others are not pulling their weight in the child bride case.

Even if Anwar Is PKR President, Wan Azizah Remains PH President

Even if Anwar is PKR President, Wan Azizah remains Pakatan Harapan President.

Latest Child Marriage Unlawful, Couple Must Separate

Dr Wan Azizah says the latest child marriage is unlawful and the couple must separate.

DPM: Translation of Official Statements into Other Languages Not Wrong

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said translation of official statements into other languages is not wrong.

Rosmah’s Permata to Continue, Will Be Audited

Rosmah's Permata will be audited and continued.

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