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Zahid never denied to MACC on using charity’s funds for credit...

Zahid today claimed to have been under pressure during the MACC investigations on him.

‘Show proof I wanted Umno dissolved,’ Dr M challenges Zahid

Mahathir has denied allegations that he told Zahid to dissolve Umno in 2018 because the party had "no future".

Zahid concedes claiming to be politically persecuted purely because he is...

Zahid today agreed in the High Court that the principle of rule of law in Malaysia means that everyone should have the same laws applied to them.

Zahid says up to Umno disciplinary board if Tajuddin will face...

Zahid is leaving it to the party's disciplinary board to decide if there is a need to take action against Tajuddin.

Zahid claims ‘threatened’ in 2018 for refusing to dissolve Umno

Zahid today claimed to have been "threatened” in 2018 about what would happen to him if he did not comply with Mahathir's request to dissolve Umno.

Zahid: Umno MPs defected to Bersatu after GE14 to save themselves

MPs from Masjid Tanah, Jeli and Bagan Serai were the first to abandon ship when threatened.

Zahid: Tajuddin removed from Umno Supreme Council for criticising party

Tajuddin was dropped as an Umno Supreme Council member for his criticism of the party.

Zahid codenamed as ‘monster’ in company’s ledger book

Zahid was labelled as 'monster' in his company Buku 555 (notebook) which contained a list of people who were given money.

Zahid’s trial: Khairy’s Rembau Umno division received cash

A former director of Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB) told the Shah Alam High Court today his company had also given money to Khairy Jamaluddin’s Umno division.

Zahid: BN ready for GE15 now

BN is ready to face GE15.

Zahid: RM17.9m transferred to law firm as ex-aide incompetent

Zahid claims that Mazlina had made countless mistakes in handling his cheques and also failed to provide him with the foundation’s monthly bank statement.

Zahid blames former secretary

Accuses secretary of using signature stamp on charity's cheques for credit card bills.

Zahid: Millions in foundation belong to me

Zahid told the High Court today that not a single sen of Yayasan Akalbudi’s funds came from the government or the people.

Foreign visa system trial: Witness unable to produce proof of monthly...

Lee made around 40 monthly cash payment deliveries to Zahid’s residence over the span of 4 years.

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