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Dennis Ignatius: The remarkable transformation of Zahid Hamidi

Zahid said he had learned from his mistakes and was ready to work together with PH to build a more tolerant and inclusive nation.

Zahid: DAP promised to uphold position of Islam, royal institution

DAP promised Umno in a meeting before the unity government was formed that it would uphold the position of Islam and the royal institution.

Lawyer: Zahid may still ask AG to drop, review criminal charges

Zahid’s lawyers have written at least four times to the AG seeking a review of the charges but have been unsuccessful.

Emulate DAP and quit being power crazy, Zahid scoffs at Muhyiddin

Muhyiddin should stop disputing Anwar’s appointment as prime minister and accept reality.

Loke: DAP working with BN, not Zahid

Anthony Loke stresses that the party is in a government with BN and not particular individuals such as Zahid.

Some 130 Umno division chiefs want Zahid to remain as party...

About 130 Umno division chiefs want Zahid to remain as party president amid the many calls for his resignation.

Supreme council wants Zahid to continue leading Umno, BN

The Umno supreme council has "unanimously reaffirmed" its support for Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's leadership.

Vigneswaran: Viralled BN letter by Zahid is real

Zahid did send a letter to the Agong claiming 30 BN MPs supported Anwar as the 10th prime minister.

Zahid: Agong’s decree was to form a unity govt

Zahid said that the Agong has requested for the coalition to be part of a unity government.

Pit stops for Anwar from KL to Perlis as Zahid holes...

The election campaign to canvas for support is at its last leg.

Zahid: Khairy should be thankful to me for having a seat...

Zahid believes that Khairy should be thankful to him for being given a chance to contest in Sungai Buloh in GE15.

A vote for Khairy is still a vote for Zahid to...

The perception that Khairy is relatively clean and efficient is because UMNO leaders and ministers are clueless, incompetent, extremely corrupt and not highly educated.

Zahid threatens to sue Raja Petra over LCS graft claims

Zahid has threatened to file a defamation suit against Raja Petra.

Dennis Ignatiius: Do you want this man to be your next...

It would be a sad day for Malaysia if Zahid ends up in Putrajaya as our prime minister.

Zahid in four-corner fight in defending Bagan Datuk

Zahid is in a four-cornered fight to defend the Bagan Datuk parliamentary seat in GE15.

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