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AGC retracts letter asking judge to prioritise Zahid’s trial

The AGC has retracted a letter to High Court Judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah asking him to prioritise Zahid's corruption trial.

Zahid’s trial: Visa management company sought Najib’s favour

Najib had asked Zahid to continue the UKSB contract.

Zahid’s trial: Zahid ordered charity funds’ misuse for credit card bills...

Zahid would have been well aware of what the cheques were used for based on the cheque butts.

Zahid’s trial: Zahid withdrew RM17.9m to buy Bali hotel for daughter

The High Court today was told that the withdrawal of RM17.9 million from YAB funds by Zahid was to facilitate his daughter’s bid to buy a boutique hotel in Bali.

Zahid’s trial: Zahid, wife used over RM1.3m foundation funds for luxury...

Zahid spent Yayasan Akalbudi funds on everything but the poor.

Zahid’s trial: Zahid was ‘boss’ in charity foundation, got trustees to...

Zahid Hamidi was the “boss” in the charitable foundation Yayasan Akalbudi and had control over its funds as a trustee.

Zahid’s trial: Prosecution claims Zahid orchestrated money-laundering scheme

The prosecution submitted that this was a premeditated and deliberate scheme by the Zahid to commit a corrupt act.

Zahid’s trial: Enough evidence to show Zahid received bribes amounting to...

The prosecution in Zahid's trial argued enough evidence had been adduced to show that he corruptly received a substantial amount of money from several entities.

Zahid’s trial: Court told that Zahid not transparent when extending visa...

The High Court in Shah Alam was told today that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was not transparent and did not follow procedures.

Zahid’s trial: Zahid was never promised immunity for disclosing information to...

Defence was clearly driven by a false notion that the prosecution had relied on Zahid's statements to charge him in court.

Zahid’s trial: Defence says RM6m not reward or bribe, but political...

The defence said a prosecution witness had testified that the corruption charges filed against Zahid were slanderous and it was “ridiculous” for MACC to file charges.

Zahid’s trial: Defence says Zahid cannot be held liable for what...

Zahid Hamidi never promised to award MYEG contract worth RM50 million to a textile businessman.

Zahid’s trial: Defence says evidence from hostile witness should stand

The evidence of a hostile prosecution witness in Zahid Hamidi’s corruption trial should be accepted although the prosecution wants it rejected,

Zahid’s trial: Why donation made with cash instead of cheques, judge...

Why donation made with cash instead of cheques is unknown as the investigators did not carry out a probe on this.

Zahid’s trial: Defence claims 27 money laundering charges politically motivated, wants...

Zahid Hamidi should be acquitted and discharged of the 27 money laundering charges.

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