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Foes Become Allies, While Allies Turn Against Each Other

Looks like the Malaysian political game of thrones has taken a sudden twist.

Poll on Zuraida

Many felt Zuraida had not contributed much to the development of her ministry.

Cops Believed to Have Confiscated Original Gay Sex Video in Raid...

Police have apparently discovered the original Semburit video involving Azmin Ali and Haziq Abdullah.

So, What’s the Real Story Behind the Drug Party?

The rumour mill has it that the owner of the premise who is also allegedly linked to a minister organised the party to clinch some big-time contracts.

FB Posting on Alleged Sensitive Issues

PKR has lodged a police report over a Facebook posting which it claimed touched on sensitive issues which could affect public peace and harmony.

Seriously, Yet Another Gay Sex Scandal?

As a Malaysian, I frankly do not care who sleeps with who or who is gay and who is not.

Why Did We Protect Zakir Naik This Long?

The last thing we need is someone like Zakir Naik going around creating unnecessary racial tension.

So What Was the Real Reasoning Behind the Jawi Issue?

Was the implementatin of khat done with a sincere intention or was there some other sinister reason behind it?

Why Waste Time on the Gay Sex Video?

There are more important issues to attend do than who masterminded the gay sex video.

MAS Grounded by Greed and Incapable Leaders

Employees of MAS left to pay for all the plundering by past corrupt administrators.

When Dreams Began Fading

Umno getting stronger day by day.

Beyond Gay Porn Video

The question of who is behind the Haziq-Azmin sex videos.

No Rationale for Offering Zakir Protection

I just want to know what others feel about the controversy surrounding Indian preacher Zakir Naik.

A Heli Ride Home This Raya

Rich Malays are chartering private helicopters to fly home at RM17,000 per trip.

Stop Talking Nonsense Education Minister

Most Indians and Chinese were not born with a golden spoon in their mouths. I wonder who informed our Education Minister that the non-Malays in...

Mariam Mokhtar: Do the Malays Know What They Want?

Do Malays really know what they want?

Bersatu’s Redzuan Again Calls for Unscheduled Press Conference

Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof has issued an invitation for a press conference at his official residence this evening.

MyWatch Chairman Charged over Tweets on Cops

MyWatch chairman Datuk R Sri Sanjeevan was charged today with making and initiating the transmission of false communications on the police.

Najib’s SRC Trial: Defence Claim “Not an Iota of Proof” Najib Behind RM42M Transactions

The Kuala Lumpur High Court will deliver its verdict on July 28.

PH Hints at “Big Change” Soon

Rumours that PH Plus has managed to gain the upper hand in the Dewan Rakyat.

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