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Rosmah’s trial: Defence lawyer claims Rizal the actual mastermind

The defence claimed that Rosmah had been used as a scapegoat by incompetent people in the education ministry to conspire with Jepak Holdings.

Zahid’s trial: Prosecution claims Zahid orchestrated money-laundering scheme

The prosecution submitted that this was a premeditated and deliberate scheme by the Zahid to commit a corrupt act.

Rosmah’s trial: Rosmah tears into Rizal’s testimony

Rosmah claims Rizal’s testimony done to smear her good name and credibility.

Appeals court allows Altantuya’s family access to police statements in murder...

The court ruled that the statements were relevant to the family’s civil suit in the unlawful killing and should be handed over within 14 days.

Rosmah fails to recuse Sri Ram, nullify corruption trial

The court also denied an application from Rosmah's defence lawyers to stay her corruption trial.

Sarawak Report editor: Arrest warrant won’t work in UK

No intention of coming to Malaysia to face criminal defamation charge.

Guan Eng’s trial: Court told of Lim’s meetings with Zarul

A witness from a company which also bid for the project but lost claims BUCG enjoyed an advantage over competitors when bidding for the four Penang mega projects.

Guan Eng: Unfair to enforce 51pct Bumi equity on freight forwarders...

Lim Guan Eng said the move would also send the wrong signal to investors that government policies can be changed at a whim.

Zahid’s trial: Zahid was never promised immunity for disclosing information to...

Defence was clearly driven by a false notion that the prosecution had relied on Zahid's statements to charge him in court.

Guan Eng’s trial: Broker sold watch for double the price to...

However, the broker affirmed that the sale of the Maurice Lacroix watch had nothing to do with Lim Guan Eng and that he had never met the accused prior to today.

Shafee’s money-laundering trial: No proof shown to MACC that RM9.5m was...

Shafee repeatedly stated that the money he received was payment for legal services he rendered to Najib, his party and the prime minister.

Zahid’s trial: Defence says RM6m not reward or bribe, but political...

The defence said a prosecution witness had testified that the corruption charges filed against Zahid were slanderous and it was “ridiculous” for MACC to file charges.

Zahid’s trial: Defence claims funds were ‘donations’, not from illegal activities

According to his lawyer, Zahid, on most occasions, did not know or had any nexus with the owners of the cheques.

Court of Appeal dismisses Najib and son’s appeal on tax suit

A three-member bench unanimously dismissed the appeals brought by Najib and his son in connection with the IRB’s suit.

Landmark ruling: Overseas-born children of Malaysian mums, foreign dads entitled to...

The Kuala Lumpur High Court today ruled that the government must confer citizenship to children born overseas to Malaysian mothers.

C4: Why didn’t AGC object to Najib’s passport application?

Question of how the government would ensure Najib would not abscond.

DAP rejects Norhizam as candidate for Malacca polls

DAP will not accept Norhizam Hassan Baktee as a candidate for the upcoming Malacca state election.

Selangor MB denies being on the take from illegal gambling syndicates

Selangor MB Amirudin Shari has come out to deny allegations of him being on the take from illegal gambling syndicates.

Nur Sajat in Sydney, seeking asylum

Controversial cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat, who is being sought after by local authorities is currently in Sydney, Australia.

Zahid’s trial: Zahid ordered charity funds’ misuse for credit card bills but later blamed...

Zahid would have been well aware of what the cheques were used for based on the cheque butts.

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