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Why Did We Protect Zakir Naik This Long?

The last thing we need is someone like Zakir Naik going around creating unnecessary racial tension.

So What Was the Real Reasoning Behind the Jawi Issue?

Was the implementatin of khat done with a sincere intention or was there some other sinister reason behind it?

Why Waste Time on the Gay Sex Video?

There are more important issues to attend do than who masterminded the gay sex video.

MAS Grounded by Greed and Incapable Leaders

Employees of MAS left to pay for all the plundering by past corrupt administrators.

When Dreams Began Fading

Umno getting stronger day by day.

Beyond Gay Porn Video

The question of who is behind the Haziq-Azmin sex videos.

No Rationale for Offering Zakir Protection

I just want to know what others feel about the controversy surrounding Indian preacher Zakir Naik.

A Heli Ride Home This Raya

Rich Malays are chartering private helicopters to fly home at RM17,000 per trip.

Stop Talking Nonsense Education Minister

Most Indians and Chinese were not born with a golden spoon in their mouths. I wonder who informed our Education Minister that the non-Malays in...

Who Is to Blame for the Terrorist Among Us?

Corruption at all levels opened the doors for every negative element to creep into our country.

Give PH a Fair Chance to Prove Themselves

Take a step back and recollect the amount of money BN stole from right under our noses all those years

365 Days to Clean Up a 60-Year Mess?

The rakyat needs to be realistic and not begin pointing fingers just a year after the Pakatan Harapan government took over.


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