NGOs, groups: Fake news ordinance a tool to silence, pressure or...

Concern over the government’s new Ordinance criminalising individuals who create or publish fake news on Covid-19 or the Emergency proclamation.

What law did PM use to approve Edmund’s overseas trip, ask...

Civil society groups today questioned if there was a SOP which allowed the PM to approve an overseas trip for a deputy minister while the country was in lockdown.

Be angry but vote at GE15, groups tell Malaysians on PN’s...

Malaysians might be cynical about having their votes stolen, but this must not stop them from continuing to seek changes.

Transgender rights group: Assigning 122 Islamic enforcers for Nur Sajat witchhunt...

Justice for Sisters has labelled the Jais attempt to detain Nur Sajat as extreme.

Journalists: PN govt lacks transparency

Muhyiddin Yassin’s lack of engagement with the media shows that the PN government is not transparent.

Criticising court decision not seditious

DAP is disturbed by police investigation into Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan and Klang MP Charles Santiago, for criticising a Federal Court decision.

In Malaysiakini decision, Federal Court acknowledges spotlight on free speech but...

The Federal Court in its majority ruling today urged Malaysians to remain respectful even while online.

Lawyers: Unconstitutional for committee to advise King on emergency

A 19-member committee led by a retired chief justice cannot advise the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on the state of emergency.

Dr Adeeba cautions against Adham’s proposal: Might as well have no...

Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman has cautioned against Dr Adham Baba's suggestion that the three-day quarantine may be extended to business travellers or the public.

MP asks Speaker to allow written questions to ministers despite Parliament’s...

Klang MP Charles Santiago has asked the Speaker to permit ministers to be questioned about their ministries’ affairs.

Lawyers start online petition for RCI on senior judge Hamid Sultan’s...

A petition urging the government to convene a RCI on suspended Judge Datuk Hamid Sultan Abu Backer’s allegations of interference with the judiciary has started online.

Raymond Koh’s wife reminds Muhyiddin of his promise

Raymond Koh’s wife, Susanna Liew, has reminded Muhyiddin Yassin of his promise to get to the bottom of the case of her missing husband and other activists.

“Detestable episode” – C4 slams punishment of whistleblower judge

The C4 has lambasted the suspension of judge Hamid Sultan Abu Backer until retirement following his affidavit alleging judicial misconduct.

Lawyers: Absurd to jail man 1,050 years for rape

A senior lawyer has described as “ridiculous” a 1,050-year jail term imposed on a man for raping his 12-year-old stepdaughter as it amounted to a natural life imprisonment.

C4 Centre questions Najib’s claim of ignorance of meat cartel

The C4 Centre has questioned how Najib Razak could plead ignorance to the existence of the meat cartel syndicate in the country.

PM: We don’t have much money left

Muhyiddin Yassin reportedly said the government’s coffers have been significantly thinned out to prop up the economy and help Malaysians in the Covid era.

Alvin Goh and brother charged with RM2.14m money laundering

Alvin Goh has claimed trial to seven counts of receiving RM2.14 million, the alleged proceeds of illegal activities.

CMCO extended in 5 states, KL

The CMCO in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang, Kelantan and Sarawak will be extended until April 28.

Ex-spy chief Hasanah granted discharge not amounting to acquittal in RM50.4m CBT case

The High Court today granted a DNAA to Hasanah Abdul Hamid.

Home Minister: Police commission higher authority than IGP

Hamzah Zainudin today refuted allegations that he interfered in the recent transfer process of senior police officers as directed by IGP Abdul Hamid Bador.

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