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MACC Forfeiture List Just Tip of Iceberg, Press Clubs Also Implicated

The civil forfeiture filed by the MACC against 41 individuals and entities to recover RM270 million from 1MDB is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hearing It from Haziq

Haziq Aziz had wanted to run for public office in the future but his dreams have been dashed following the recent sex video scandal.

A Decade On, Beng Hock’s Family Look to Latheefa for Justice

Delays have dimmed the hopes of Teoh Beng Hock’s family, who initially celebrated news that Pakatan Harapan will reopen investigations into his death.

Rais Yatim: No Black and White for Anwar to Become PM,...

There is no official agreement for Anwar Ibrahim to succeed Mahathir despite the promise as per Pakatan Harapan’s election pledges.

Three Penang Convents Not Closing, but “Transforming for the Better”

Sisters of Infant Jesus trying to return the convent schools “to their original purpose of providing wholesome education”

1MDB-Sponsored Haj Pilgrims to Pay Back Money Is Fake News

A tweet purportedly by Latheefa Koya saying that those sponsored to perform the Haj pilgrimage by 1MDB would have to pay back the money is fake.

Police Quiz Haziq Second Time over Gay Sex Video

Police have questioned Haziq Aziz for a second time following his claim last week that he and Azmin Ali were involved in homosexual acts.

Dr M: I’ll Keep PM Succession Promise

Dr Mahathir reiterated his promise to relinquish the prime minister’s post within two years of taking office time.

Religious Conversions of Kelantan Orang Asli – Muslim Preachers Warned to...

The Orang Asli Development Department (Jakoa) head today warned religious preachers not to take advantage of vulnerable Orang Asli communities and trick them into religious conversions.

Johor Umno to Challenge MACC in Court over Seized 1MDB Funds

Johor Umno will seek legal representation and challenge the MACC in court to recover funds related to 1MDB.

Bung Moktar: Prove That Money Najib Gave Us Came from 1MDB

Sabah Umno chief Bung Moktar says the division is willing to return money allegedly given to them by Najib if the government can prove that the funds came from 1MDB.

Umno Will Fight MACC’s Civil Forfeiture Suit in Court

The money Umno received from 1MDB has all been used up, and the funds currently frozen by the MACC should be returned as it is "clean party funds".

Hour Glass Co-Founder Jannie Chan Declared Bankrupt

She was taken to court by licensed moneylender over S$4.1m unpaid debt.

Spiritual Leader: Strife in PH Is Allah’s Way of Helping PAS

PAS spiritual adviser Hashim Jasin has said God was in favour of PAS and its camaraderie with Umno.

Maszlee: Nie Ching Not Sticking Her Nose into Islamic Education Matters

Education Minister Maszlee Malik denies that his deputy Teo Nie Ching is getting involved in Islamic education matters.




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