CAP Chief’s Stinging Attack on Grand-Nephew After Anwar Sexual Misconduct Claims

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The great-uncle of Muhammad Yusoff Rawther claims the former research officer of Anwar Ibrahim has been manipulated by politicians.

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president Mohideen Abdul Kader launched a stinging attack today on his grand-nephew Yusoff following the circulation of a statutory declaration (SD) by the latter implicating Anwar.

Mohideen said Yusoff had never mentioned such an incident to his family, including his late-grandfather SM Mohamed Idris.

Mohideen is the brother of the late activist Mohamed Idris.

“Yusoff has been estranged from the family since his grandfather passed away early this year.

“Coming more than one year after the alleged incident, and two days before the PKR conference, I believe that Yusoff has been manipulated by some politicians to serve their own interests.


“We thought that with a new government and Malaysia Baru, we would leave this fitnah (lies) and ‘sodomy politics’ behind and concentrate on the real issues facing the people,” Mohideen said.

“Why are we being dragged into these muddy politics when 60% of our population is financially stressed and unable to pay its bills? There are also serious issues of inequality and environmental destruction.

“Why can’t these politicians, who are well-salaried by the taxpayers, channel their energy into solving these instead?”

Yusoff, 26, had made public the purported statutory declaration at a press conference yesterday, a video of which was published on Facebook.

He claimed that he was the victim of indecent exposure, molest and a lewd proposal during the incident allegedly committed by Anwar on Oct 2, 2018, at Anwar’s residence in Segambut.

Yusoff said the purported incident took place on the fourth day of the Port Dickson by-election campaign. Anwar was the Pakatan Harapan candidate and eventual winner of the by-election.

In the video, Yusoff said he had confided in former PKR central leadership council member Badrul Hisham Saharin, who suggested that he documents his experience under oath.

Yusuff also described Anwar as a “close family friend” in the video.

Kononnya he is a family friend, respected by Grandfather, (however) the nature of the things that occurred between me and him is against everything that he so-called stands for.

“It is an embarrassment. For someone who knows the truth, it is not easy,” said Yusuff.

During the press conference, he also complained that his previous police report against Anwar’s political secretary, Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak, accusing Farhash of assaulting him at Anwar’s office in Petaling Jaya on May 16, has been ignored.

Farhash had dismissed the claims, saying that they were “feeble effort to tarnish the party image”.


He said it was the work of an unhappy ex-member making a fuss because he has been sidelined.

He also said that Yusoff was sacked for indiscipline.

Farhash added that Yusoff was manipulated by Badrul Hisham, who is better known as Chegubard.

Wong Kai Hui/Malaysiakini

Last night, Badrul took to his Facebook page to deny any involvement in a “scandal”. It is uncertain what he was referring to. However, his posting was accompanied by screenshots of phone messages referring to a “PC Skandal DSAI”.