DoJ Seeks Thailand’s Help to Recover RM7M Jewellery Jho Low Gifted His Mum

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The US Department of Justice (DoJ) will seek the Thai government’s cooperation in issuing warrants on jewellery linked to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) case, believed to be gifted by Jho Low to his mother.


According to a news portal, the jewellery comprises a pair of diamond earrings with a matching diamond ring to Jho Low’s mother, Evelyn Goh Gaik Ewe.

In a statement to a California Court dated November 2, the DoJ said the US government was still trying to locate the jewellery and assumed it was in Thailand where the owner by the name of Gaik Ewe was believed to reside.

Following negotiations with the Thai government, the DOJ said it would provide a copy of the civil suit to the authorities in the country in regards to the jewellery, a notice of forfeiture, and a warrant of arrest dated June 16, 2017.

This is based on a mutual legal aid agreement (MLA) between the two countries.

On June 15 last, year, the DOJ filed civil forfeiture suits on a range of assets believed to have been purchased using proceeds of misappropriation at 1MDB that had been funnelled through the US financial system, including the jewellery.

It said Low had used money diverted from 1MDB’s 2012 bond issuances to purchase the jewellery for US$1,695,475 from the New York-based jeweller Lorraine Schwartz Inc.

Low was invoiced for the jewellery on Nov 28, 2012, which included flawless Type 2A diamonds of 7.53 carats, 3.05 carats, and 3.08 carats. Goh supposedly picked up the jewellery in Hong Kong.