Ex-MIC Man Files MACC Report Against Samy Vellu over Dubious Land Deal

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A cooperative in Sungai Siput has lodged a report with MACC against its former MP, Tun S Samy Vellu, claiming there was misappropriation in a land sales deal.

The cooperative claimed that its former chairman and former works minister Samy Vellu had purchased the land via a company supposedly to build houses.

Former Sungai Siput MIC division chief M Lokanathan claimed that despite 101 acres of land being taken for this purpose, no houses had been built till now.

Lokanathan said the transaction took place in 2005.

“Furthermore, Samy Vellu bought the land at RM11,000 per lot when the market price was RM68,000,” he alleged.


He claimed that not only the homes were not built but the ownership of the land was transferred to a “Chinese businessman”, believed to be a proxy to Samy.

“We have lodged report twice in 2016 and 2017, but there was no action. We hope this time there will be an investigation,” Lokanathan said.

He also alleged that Samy was involved in several land graft issues in his constituency.

Lokanathan lodged a report with the MACC on behalf of the cooperative on Friday (March 8).

Also present was former PKR deputy secretary-general Jenapala Perumal, who has threatened to lodge a report against the MACC if it refuses to take action against Samy.

He said a building and halls belonging to a cooperative were transferred to the same businessman as well, but under a different company.

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