Goh Siew Boey Says She is Not the Florence Goh Rafizi Named

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Businesswoman Florence Goh Siew Boey has denied being the woman named by PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli in an exposé involving Putrajaya appointing a US lobbyist.

Update: Rafizi today admitted his mistake in naming the wrong Florence Goh and accepted responsibility for it. He apologised for confusing Florence Goh Siew Boey with another Florence Goh he named as from the Godfrey Group Ltd.

Rafizi had claimed last week that the Godfrey Group Ltd, alleged to have been engaged to get a Trump US lobbyist for Putrajaya, shared the same address as CRT Insights Technologies.

Goh said she was a director of CRT Insight Technologies Sdn Bhd but had no relations with the firm Godfrey Group Ltd, nor was she the head of a Johor Bahru NGO identified by Rafizi.

“I am a professional trainer and entrepreneur in the IT industry and all my business is online. Such allegations are harmful to me, my business and family,” she told a press conference organised by the Secretariat for the Advancement of Malaysian Entrepreneurs yesterday. Also present was Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Wee Ka Siong.

“I’m not this person and I am not related to any party that is reported in the articles,” Siew stressed.

Two Johor Umno MPs Shahrir Samad and Nur Jazlan Mohamed have also denied any links to Florence Goh of Godfrey Group although they are advisers to a Florence Goh who does charity work in Johor.

Putrajaya had denied hiring the Godfrey Group Ltd to hook up the US lobbyist for the Trump administration with Putrajaya.