Haziq Asked Repeatedly for Details of Azmin’s Whereabouts in Sandakan

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Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz did not know Datuk Seri Azmin Ali’s whereabouts and badgered for details on the Economic Affairs Minister during the Sandakan by-election campaign period, says a PKR Youth leader who was in charge of the logistics of PKR leaders at the time.

Sabah PKR Youth deputy chief Blisson Zainuddin said Haziq contacted daily through WhatsApp messages and phone calls throughout the campaign period of the Sandakan by-election to inquire the details of Azmin’s whereabouts and activities.

“Haziq messaged me from April 27 up to May 10 (Sandakan by-election) to ask details about Azmin’s schedule and lodging information.

“I did not feel comfortable sharing the details but on the basis of politics and duty, I decided to give him the details.

“I felt it was weird but decided not to think about it too much. If he indeed had an intimate relationship with the minister, as he claimed, then would he not have direct contact with Azmin?” said Blisson in a press conference.

Blisson has made a statutory declaration and will be lodging a police report with his WhatsApp screenshots.

He said he felt he had to come out and expose Haziq after the sex video claims by the latter implicating Azmin.

He gave the dates Haziq contacted him as April 27, April 30, May 3, May 6-8 and May 10.

Choo Choy May

He also revealed that Haziq had contacted him last week — days before a series of sex videos emerged online — telling him not to let anyone else know of their WhatsApp exchanges where he had asked about Azmin’s by-election campaign itinerary.