Hospital Selayang denies viral messages claiming shortage of oxygen tanks

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The Selangor Health Department has debunked viral WhatsApp messages claiming that Hospital Selayang is facing a shortage of oxygen tanks.


Its director Datuk Dr Sha’ari Ngadiman said in a statement on Saturday (July 10) that Hospital Selayang has 1,325 ports and that its supply of oxygen tanks is adequate at this time.

He also denied that the hospital’s medical department was running a donation drive and calling for public donations in order to purchase oxygen tanks, as claimed by the viral WhatsApp messages.

“The donation drive initiative was not done by any Hospital Selayang staff. Hospital Selayang management or staff also did not ask any party to collect funds on the behalf of Hospital Selayang,” he said.

Recently, WhatsApp messages have been circulating claiming that hospitals were struggling with the increasing load of patients and that at Hospital Selayang in particular, patients were sharing oxygen tanks and that the oxygen supply was running out within hours.

The messages also included bank account numbers for the public to deposit funds into in order to help purchase oxygen tanks for the hospital.

A video clip uploaded to Facebook recently alleged the hospital was struggling with oxygen supplies and staff had launched a donation drive to procure more oxygen tanks.

Earlier, a tweet claiming that the hospital lacked oxygen supply went viral. The tweet had accused the authorities of lying about the oxygen supply situation at the hospital.

The tweet was accompanied by photos of oxygen tanks in a lorry parked at the hospital.

It is understood these oxygen tanks were donated by various parties.

Despite the denial from authorities, some social media users stand by the veracity of the allegation.