IGP: 1MDB-Linked Asset of Jho Low’s Family Identified

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Police will seize a multi-million ringgit property belonging to Jho Low and his family.

“We have found the latest asset belonging to this family of robbers. It is a house worth millions of ringgit located in the country,” Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador told a press conference.

“Like I said in the past, this is a big robbery which hurt the country.

“This is your money, this is my money. This is all our money. We want every single sen back.

“We also have information that Low continues to have control of billions of US dollars,” he said.

Hamid admitted his failure to bring Low back to Malaysia by end of last year but vowed he will not give up.

“I admit I have failed, but not because I want to show off like I’m a superhero, but because of my previous promise to try my best.


“Unfortunately, I faced hurdles by certain quarters who tried to prevent him from being brought back and charged in court.

“However, I will not give up.”