Jamal’s RM25K Lucky Draw Prize, RM2K to Fishermen for Votes

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Sungai Besar BN chief Jamal promised Sekinchan fisherfolk RM2,000 each if they vote for BN’s candidate, but says he had not broken any election law.

Sekinchan DAP has lodged a police report alleging that Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos offered RM25,000 as a cash prize to a lucky draw winner in return for votes.

He also alleged that Jamal promised to give Sekinchan fishermen RM2,000 each if they vote for BN’s Sekinchan candidate Lee Yee Yuan.

Speaking to about 800 fisherfolk yesterday, Jamal stood on stage as he announced the “incentive” and urged the audience to stop supporting DAP incumbent Ng Suee Lim, who is seeking a fourth term.

“Give the BN candidate from MCA in Sekinchan a win! Once he wins, ladies and gentlemen, you will be able to redeem RM2,000 from me afterwards.


“Already the (federal) government gives you money and help, but you don’t want to vote for us. Every five years, you give your vote to Ng, what has he done to help you?

“When your friends were arrested by the Indonesian authorities, who helped them? Me and (incumbent Sungai Besar MP) Budiman Mohd Zohdi. No one from DAP helped you,” he reportedly said.

Last month, Budiman claimed to have played a big role in securing the early release of fisherman Chia Kee Chan from an Indonesian prison.

He also credited Chia’s release to the good relations caretaker prime minister Najib Abdul Razak shares with his Indonesian counterpart Jokowi Widodo.

At the event to hand out allowances to fisherfolk at the Pasir Panjang BN command centre, Jamal promised that this help would continue.

“Enough, ladies and gentlemen, don’t give Ng your vote anymore.

“When fisherfolk have problems, I will help you. Budiman will help you. The BN government will help you,” Jamal was quoted saying.

Newcomers Lee Yee Yuan from MCA and Mohd Imran Tamrin from Umno are BN’s candidates for the Sekinchan and Sungai Panjang state seats respectively, while Budiman is seeking a second term in Sungai Besar.

All three were reportedly at the event, clapping and waving their hands at the crowd as Jamal spoke.

Jamal stressed that he was serious about the RM2,000, and revealed that he had a “donor” backing his efforts, Malaysiakini reported.

“I am not lying…once Lee wins in Sekinchan, you can come here and we will hold an event for all, as I have a donor.


“If today we win, tomorrow we will hold the event here,” he was quoted telling the crowd.

DAP’s Ng is widely credited for transforming the Chinese-majority fishing village of Sekinchan into a popular tourist destination.

In the 2008 polls, he beat MCA’s Puah Boon Choon by a narrow 190 votes but increased this margin to 2,239 against MCA’s Kek Seng Hooi five years later.

Meanwhile, The Star reported that Jamal denied that he had broken any election law “because I am not a candidate or agent to a candidate”.

“I am only conveying the contributions from certain individuals and they are not from Barisan or Umno,” he was quoted saying.