Jamal Says Zuraida Lied About Apology, Files Defamation Suit

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Having just resolved the defamation suit brought against him by Zuraida, Jamal is now suing Zuraida for lying about his apology to her.

Just two days after retracting his remarks against Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin, Red Shirts leader Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos told reporters outside the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Nov 9 that he had instructed his lawyer to file a suit against the Ampang MP over comments she made.

Jamal said he had only retracted his remark claiming that he was given a bloody nose by Zuraida’s supporters, which settled the defamation action she had brought against him but did not apologise as she had claimed.

The Sungai Besar Umno chief also claimed Zuraida had called him “all sorts of insulting things.”

His lawyer V Mugunthan said he never apologised to Zuraida in open court.

Mugunthan said that during the mediation proceeding on Tuesday, Jamal told the court that he would not apologise to Zuraida and that this stand was conveyed to her by her solicitors.

He said a mutually agreed statement was then drafted by both parties’ solicitors.

“The statement was to be read out by Datuk Seri Jamal in court as part of the settlement arrived at by both parties,” Mugunthan said.

Mugunthan added that the statement clearly does not include the phrase ‘meminta’ or ‘memohon maaf’ (seek to apologies), hence the press statement by Zuraida that Jamal had apologised in open court “is entirely untrue.”

Jamal, who was also present, said he was “shocked” over what had happened, despite him having spent four hours on Tuesday ironing out the statement that was read by him in court.

“I had retracted what I had said previously. Sadly, despite whatever was agreed upon, she had said some other things about me outside of the court.

“She said that I had apologised in front of the judge,” Jamal said, adding that Zuraida had also called him “crazy”.

On Nov 13 last year, Jamal received a bloodied nose when he and his supporters were involved in a scuffle with the police who tried to prevent them from following Zuraida and her supporters at a pre-Bersih 5 event.

He initially claimed that a policeman punched him, but later alleged that Zuraida’s supporters assaulted him.

On Nov 17, Zuraida filed a defamation suit against Jamal for associating her with his bloodied nose incident. The matter was resolved on Tuesday via mediation when he retracted the statement.

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