Jho Low Says Friends with Psy, Met YG, but Denies Link to K-Pop Sex Scandal

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Jho Low has admitted today that he has met Korean pop mogul Yang Hyun-Suk, or YG, through his friendship with pop star Psy.

Despite that, he has denied a report naming him among those who have allegedly been offered sexual services by Yang, in the latest development to South Korea’s biggest sexual abuse and trafficking scandal.

“Low is a friend of Psy, and through him met Yang Hyun-suk,” said a spokesman for Low, through his United States lawyers.

“He was never involved in, nor aware of, any conduct of the kind alleged in the MBC Straight report.”

Low was allegedly one of the two Southeast Asian investors who met Yang, the chief executive of YG Entertainment Inc, the subject of a report by Straight, an investigative series by Korean broadcaster MBC.

A report broadcast yesterday alleged that Low and Thai businessman Chavanos Rattakul had met Yang and high-ranking figures from YG Entertainment, one of the country’s “Big Three” entertainment giants, at an upscale restaurant.

It said the dinner involving Low and Chavanos took place in July 2014, and there were supposedly 25 women, including 10 sex workers, present, as well as eight men.

The duo had afterwards allegedly left for a club said to be owned by Yang, where they were reportedly offered sexual services.

Yang has since denied his involvement in mediating sexual services.

“It’s true that I was present, but I didn’t know that prostitution services were solicited. I didn’t pay for the meal expenses myself. I don’t know anything about it.

“There was no further contact with the investors,” he said in a statement reported by several Korean outlets.

Psy performed a free concert in Penang ahead of the 2013 general election, which is widely believed to have been funded by Low.

He was among the artistes under YG Entertainment. He left the label last May to form his own, P-Nation.