MACC: Charges against former Felda board member dropped based on new evidence

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Key witness confirmed money was a loan.

The decision by the prosecution to withdraw 29 corruption charges against former Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) board member Noor Ehsanuddin Mohd Harun Narrashid was based on facts confirmed from further investigation.

The Malaysian Anti -Corruption Commission (MACC) said in a statement today further investigation was conducted by MACC after the accused submitted a representation and statement of defence under Section 62 of the MACC Act 2009 during the trial.

“Based on the new findings through new evidence submitted, the accused managed to prove that he had repaid the money alleged to be a bribe before investigation started (and) the key witness also confirmed the money was a loan.

“The MACC referred the case back to the Attorney-General’s Chambers and decided not to proceed with the trial based on the latest development in the investigation. The decision was made because the testimony by the key witness was inconsistent,” it said.

According to MACC, the prosecution had informed the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court about the withdrawal of all the 29 charges against Noor Ehsanuddin during the hearing proceeding before Judge Suzana Hussin on May 21.

Last Wednesday, the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court acquitted and discharged Noor Ehsanuddin of 29 bribery charges after the prosecution withdrew all the charges against him.

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