Mothers of Tahfiz Fire Victims to School Head: Where Are the Donations?

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Nearly RM1mil was donated by the public, but the victims’ families have yet to see a sen of it despite promises.

  • From giving victims’ families 70%, the headmaster allegedly said the school would keep 70% instead
  • Headmaster allegedly gave an excuse not to turn up for a meeting with victims’ families, sending a representative instead
  • Donor was allegedly spotted at school although school claimed would stop collecting money
  • School allegedly routinely kept money given to children at festive events

Reportedly, several mothers of the victims of the Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah fire have lamented that they have yet to receive any public donations given through the school after the tragedy.

Speaking to FMT on condition of anonymity, they demanded that the headmaster come clean on whether they would ever see the money.

According to the report, one of them claimed the headmaster, Muhammad Zahid Mahmood, had told them during their first meeting with him on Sept 22 that the school would keep 30% of the donations and the rest would go to the families of the 21 boys who perished as well as the families of those who were injured and traumatised.

However, the woman said that the very next day, the parents were told that they would get 30% and the school would keep 70%.

“But we haven’t received a single sen,” she was quoted as saying.

RM26k donation from Youth and Sports Ministry.

She added that she got even more upset when the headmaster did not show up for a meeting with the parents on Sept 30 and instead sent a representative.

“Apparently he said he couldn’t make it because he had to meet with the fire department,” the woman told FMT. “What’s he doing meeting with the fire department at night?”

FMT reported that another mother claimed that the school would normally keep cash gifts to its pupils even before the fire, this being on visits to the prime minister and other notables during Hari Raya and other festive occasions.

“These people would give our children money, but the school would let our children have only the small change and hold on to the bigger amounts for safekeeping, or so we’re told.

“Now that our children are gone, where is the money?” she was quoted as saying.

Donations from Pekida.

Another woman alleged that it was one of the mothers who sent out a Whatsapp message at 6am to notify them of the fire although the headmaster was also in that Whatsapp group.

On Sept 21, The Star reported that the school principal said donations had been pouring in since the day the fire occurred.

“We have collected almost RM1mil so far.

Donations from members of the BMW Motorrad Club Malaysia.

“We plan to give what we can to the families of those who perished and the victims who survived, as the school itself is somewhat taken care of.” Zahid was quoted as saying.


He added that any remaining funds would be channelled to the school as well as to help the community, according to the report.

Apparently, when this was brought to the attention of one of the mothers, she said she had heard people talk about it but had not read the report.

She also alleged that although the school had informed the parents that it would stop collecting money yesterday, she clearly saw someone standing outside the school’s management building with a box for donations.

“I wish you could somehow get the word across to generous people that if they want to donate money or anything else to the parents to give it directly to them because many of them really need that help,” she told FMT.

The news portal said several attempts to contact Zahid have failed.