No Action Against Yapeim Man for Threatening Staff in Anti-PH Pre-GE14 Speech

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Government cannot take retrospective action against civil servants over their political loyal prior to May 9.


Yapeim director-general Abibullah Samsudin, seen here with Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Fuziah Salleh.

A deputy minister has ruled out taking action against the director-general of the Islamic Economic Development Foundation (Yapeim) following a video clip showing him warning staff not to vote for Pakatan Harapan (PH) in last year’s general election.

Deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Fuziah Salleh said the government cannot take retrospective action against Abibullah Samsudin or other civil servants over their political loyalty prior to the May 9 change of government last year.

“We have to be fair to them and give them a chance to prove themselves in terms of performance. We cannot punish them for not being loyal to PH before,” said Fuziah.

PPBM member and religious preacher Abu Hafiz Salleh Hudin earlier shared the clip showing Abibullah warning the agency’s staff against voting for PH.

The two-minute video, which is being circulated on social media, shows an officer purportedly telling Yapeim employees that he will check their votes “one by one”.

“I know there are those among you who choose Pakatan Harapan,” said the man in the video, clad in a blue batik shirt, standing behind a podium.

The crowd laughed and some of them could be heard saying “Undi itu rahsia” (Our votes are secret).

“Yes, it is secret but I will check one by one.

“I will go to the Election Commission (EC)…and I will check one by one where you vote and what you voted for.

“If you vote for Pakatan Harapan, you are not qualified to work in Yapeim. Go find work with DAP,” the man said.

At this, the crowd which had been laughing earlier fell silent.

The video then cut to another part of what appears to be the same speech, where the man said if the government were to change, those in Yapeim would also be replaced.

“I am confirmed to be gone if the government changes.

“Those in front of you right now will all be gone.

“Balik kampung, tanam kangkung (Go back to your village and plant kangkung),” the man said.

Yapeim chairman Mohd Daud Bakar today confirmed that the man was Abibullah.

Abibullah’s Facebook page has seen posts urging him to resign, a day after the clip was shared online.

The revelation of the video comes hot on the heels of allegations of financial mismanagement in Yapeim.

Fuziah said under the PH government, civil servants are free to support any political party.

“We do not expect people to campaign for us, but at work, we expect them to be professionals,” she said.

She said Abibullah would be evaluated solely on his performance.

“Should there be any action taken against any civil servant, be it in Yapeim or any other agency, it will be based on their work performance and not political inclinations.”

Abibullah was appointed as D-G in 2014.

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