Non-Existent Property and Projects Scams

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Booking a dream property that will remain a dream, so is the promise of dream projects

  • Victims duped into buying non-existent properties in Sg Tua
  • Four arrested, one suspect previously involved in vehicle scam
  • 16 victims lodged reports against bogus housing developer¬†
  • 15 contractors cheated of RM2.5m over non-existent projects

Four people have been arrested in connection with a syndicate scamming people into purchasing non-existent properties in Sg Tua. Police was alerted after a victim lodged a report on Apr 18.

The victim, a woman, claimed she had seen an advertisement online and went to a showroom at Jalan Segambut where mock models of the purported housing development were displayed. She was offered a unit for RM120,000. The agents said she had to pay a booking fee of only RM5,000 to get a unit, which she did.

Feeling suspicious, the victim then checked with the Selayang Municipal Council on the validity of the housing development and discovered that there was no such project.

“Following the report, we raided several locations and arrested three men and a woman aged between 31 and 51,” said Sentul district police chief ACP Munusamy

According to police, the piece of land where the property was supposed to be built was owned by four different people not connected to the bogus housing developer.

Two more suspects are being sought by the police.

So far, 16 reports have been lodged in connection with the case, with losses amounting to about RM80,000. According to police, one of the suspects was previously involved in another scam to sell non-existent vehicles.

In another scam, 15 contractors have been cheated of RM2.5 million by a man who promised them projects by a state Forestry Department. It has been discovered that the projects, including purchasing seedlings and carrying out land clearing of forest sites, are non-existent, and the man known as “Faiz” has gone missing. Apparently, the victims were convinced after being shown letters and documents purportedly issued by the department.

According to a Malay Mail report, one of the victims, Safaruddin Arif, alleged that he was introduced to “Faiz” in December. “Faiz” came up with a business proposal, saying he had done several projects for the state Forestry Department and produced letters as proof. He also introduced another person, whom he claimed was a director of the Forestry Department, to Safaruddin.

After investing RM148,000 in the projects and several days of silence, Safaruddin contacted “Faiz”, who asked him for additional RM24,000 for another project that he said he had offer letters.

Sensing something amiss, Safaruddin checked with the Forestry Department and found that there was no such project or director.

Safaruddin said he met “Faiz” at a restaurant in the city in January.

“At the restaurant, I also met his mother and wife, and both pleaded with me not to report to the police. They assured me a solution could be reached,” said Safaruddin.

However, that was the last time he saw “Faiz”.

Later, Safaruddin learned that other contractors had also been duped. One of them, Aznul Rizal Fatahal Karim, had an almost similar experience with “Faiz” who is believed to be from Teluk Intan.

When he realised that he was a victim of fraud, Aznul posted his plight over social media and other victims came forward.

All the contractors have lodged police reports.