Nora Anne Inquest: Info Received from ‘Bomoh and Shaman’, Dog Failed to Detect Teen’s Scent

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A witness told the Seremban Coroner’s Court today that she received several leads pertaining to the missing Irish-French teenager Nora Anne Quoirin from a friend of the teenager’s family.

ASP Chong Meei Chyi, from the Sexual, Women and Children’s Investigations Division (D11), Negeri Sembilan police contingent headquarters, was the third witness in the proceedings to determine the cause of death of Quoirin before Coroner Maimoonah Aid.

Chong said that she received the information from Nora Anne’s family’s male friend.

“I received information from a friend of Nora Anne’s family that he received a message via WhatsApp from a ‘bomoh’ (traditional healer),” she told the proceedings, which entered its fourth day today.

She said that the man was a friend of Nora Anna’e uncle who received the forwarded messages.

“I asked Dominic (the family friend) where he got the messages from and he said that he got them from friends and relatives. There are three messages stating that Nora Anne was followed by some people at the airport (KLIA) and that Nora was still alive.

Miera Zulyana

“The second message, from a bomoh, told that Nora was nearby (the resort), that Nora was still alive and was afraid of being in the forest, and that she was lost and needed her mother.

“Another shaman said she was in the southwest area of the forest, and that it was possible that Nora was in the area, in a van,” she said.

Chong said she immediately relayed the information to the operations centre of the search and rescue (SAR) mission for further action.

Asked by deputy public prosecutor Nuralis Mat if she knew where the bomoh was from, Chong said: “I am not sure, because I was not informed. We took the information by the bomoh, but the results (of SAR) were negative,” she said.

The court was also told that two days after the teenager’s body was found, Nora Anne’s family had made a request to hold a prayer at the location where their child was found on Aug 13 last year.

“At about 11am, I received a request from the mother of the missing teenager to allow her to visit the place where she was found, to perform prayers. They wanted to do a brief ceremony, and I said I wanted to ask the forensics (team) first.

“After I was informed that the site can be visited, as the investigation at the scene has been completed, I told the family that they can visit at 4pm,” said Chong, who was the appointed liaison officer between Nora Anne’s family and the police.

The court was also told that the tracking dog used in the search and rescue (SAR) operation on the first day of Nora Anne being reported missing on Aug 4 last year, had failed to smell any traces of the teenager due to health problems.

Sergeant Poo Kong San from the Detective Dog Unit (K9) of the Negeri Sembilan police contingent headquarters, the fifth witness in the inquest proceedings to determine the cause of death of the Irish-French teenager, also said that the German Shepherd dog’s health at that time, may have affected its sense of smell.

“Upon arrival at the location at about 2.50 pm at Sora House, I reported to the investigating officer Inspector Faridah to get the information of the missing person. The victim’s family then brought her cloth for the dog to smell it.

Miera Zulyana

“After taking the dog around a 50-metre radius of the house area, which took about an hour, the dog did not give any reaction,” he said.

Asked by deputy public prosecutor Nurhafiza Haron on further action he took after the first search failed to produce any results, Poo said that the second search continued at about 5.30 pm around a 100-meter radius from Sora House and again the dog showed no reaction.

“After completing the second task, I gave the dog a break, and then at 8 pm the investigating officer asked the K9 unit to do another tracking at the request of the family and the search was again conducted around Sora House but did not yield any results,” he said.

Asked by Nurhafiza what were the factors that influence the level of detection of K9 dogs according to his experience, Poo said that there were several factors, including weather, types of topography and the number of people present at the scene.

“If it rains, the smell will be washed away, if it is hot and windy weather the smell will disappear as well, as the smell will be blown by the wind. Also, the presence of too many people at the location will cause the smells to be contaminated and disappear,” he said.

At the proceedings, the court was also told by the witness that the K9 dog used at that time was four years old and suffered from back pain due to age and was only used for one day on Aug 4, 2019.

Coroner Maimoonah adjourned the proceedings to Sept 1.