Raymond Koh’s Disappearance: Cops Deny Focus on Proselytization

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The police today dismissed claims by Pastor Raymond Koh’s wife that they were more interested in investigating alleged proselytising by the missing activist than trying to locate him.

Federal Criminal Investigation Department D5 (prosecution and legal division) principal assistant director Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said the alleged proselytising formed only part of their investigation into locating Koh.

“It’s untrue. As part of the whole investigation, we tackle this case from various angles. We don’t exclusively focus on one aspect alone.

“I hope the family understands this while we continue to investigate this case,” Mior was quoted as saying.

It was reported earlier today that Koh’s wife, Susanna Liew, said that the police were more interested in her husband’s alleged proselytising activities.

She said this line of investigation was a waste of time as the family had been asked the same questions previously.

The special task force and the police should instead focus on trying to find Koh, who has been missing for more than two years, she said.

“Why ask all these questions about Koh again? We were questioned previously, and our testimony already came out during the Suhakam inquiry.

“Our lawyers also gave them (the police) a summary of everything that happened,” Liew was quoted as saying.

At the Kelana Jaya police station on September 20, Liew and her son were questioned for about 30 minutes on whether Koh had proselytised in northern states.

“They asked us about his trip up north, where they said he was allegedly proselytising.

“I wasn’t there, so I don’t know about it. I was so surprised. What kind of questions are these?

Hasnoor Hussain/TMI

“It has nothing to do with finding Koh. They should be going after the culprits.”

Liew questioned the role of the special task force and its terms of reference, which are yet to be known.

She said on September 20, Rahim and five other members came for a courtesy visit to her home.

“They asked a few questions, such as if Koh was under surveillance and other issues. We told them what we knew.

“Then when I asked about the term of reference of the task force, Rahim just gave a general answer.

“He said that they are there to seek the truth.”

Liew said she was not pleased with his reply and wanted to know what they are doing to find Koh.

“Muhyiddin said six months. It will be over soon and there are still no updates.

“I’m not very hopeful (about the task force).”

Liew did not attend another round of questioning by the police yesterday as she learnt that there would be no task force members present.

It has been more than eight months since the release of a Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) report that pointed to the Special Branch’s involvement in the abduction of Koh and Perlis Hope founder Amri Che Mat.

Koh disappeared in February 2017 and Amri in November the previous year.