Recent or Resurfaced Fake News

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A couple of these fake news items are so funny, like the one that has a woman wearing a sign that says ‘My Legs Are Open for Refugees’, that you wonder if anyone will believe they are authentic.

A video has been going viral on Malaysian social media recently, with a false message designed to inflame racial tension. The police have warned against the spread of the video and message.

A clip that showed the heads of two women being shaved by a group of men for allegedly having stolen goods from a shop

This didn’t even happen in Malaysia; the footage was of an incident in Venezuela.

Malia Obama arrested with gang of thugs in Chicago

A few days ago, The Last Line of Defense website and accomplices such as USA Politics Now reported this fake news item. Malia was photoshopped into an image from a 2013 news report about dogfighting to allege her involvement and arrest.

The Last Line of Defense (The Resistance) reportedly dupes social media users with fabricated stories, despite a disclaimer disclosing its “satirical” nature.

Cast of Friends reunite for a new season

Such rumours tend to surface periodically just like those of celebrity deaths. The Friends’ fake news appeared a few days ago on a Facebook post allegedly from the account of actor David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller in Friends, announcing the cast coming together to shoot a new season.

The post was widely shared on social media but soon, sharp-eyed viewers noticed the wrong spellings, ‘David Schwimer’ and ‘Ross Gheler’, and the fact that the Facebook account seemed to have been created that same day and has no other posts.

Getty Images

Popeyes manager arrested for allegedly dipping chicken in cocaine-based flour to increase business sales

The original source of this news was The story’s sidebar disclosure stated it was a “prank”, but many readers did not see it.

A prank news generator site to enable social media users to play jokes on their friends, Channel22News’ stories often spread quickly and widely on the Internet. Unfortunately, this means that sites that pick up their stories get discredited as fake news sites.

Photo of a woman at a march welcoming refugees, wearing a ‘My Legs Are Open for Refugees’ sign

The original photo was taken during a refugee support rally in Saskatoon, Canada, in September 2015. The sign she was wearing read: My Door Is Open for Refugees. The image was digitally manipulated to alter the words on the sign. The doctored photo was posted to US political consultant Roger Stone’s Facebook page Stone Cold Truth on 2 May 2017.

Spectacular video of clouds over Mount Fuji

This is not a real video. It was created with a software altering a photo originally taken by Elvinardy Darwin.