Superpowers Race to Korean Peninsula

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An increasingly tensed situation sees Russia and China dispatching spy ships to shadow US warship, as North Korea shows off its military force.

  • Russia and China spy ships shadow US warship
  • Mounting hostilities between US and North Korea
  • Failed missile launch
  • Show of military force in Pyongyang

Russia and China have launched military intelligence vessels to chase the US nuclear-powered warship deployed by President Trump last week to the Korean Peninsula, reportedly aiming to probe the movements of the US military in the highly contentious region. The aircraft carrier strike group, comprising the USS Carl Vinson at its core with guided-missile destroyers and other vessels, is said to be around the East China Sea and heading towards waters near the Korean Peninsula.

China has sought to enlist Russia’s help to cool tensions over North Korea amid fears that hostilities between the US and the North are imminent.

Vice President Mike Pence is currently in South Korea at a US military base next to the demilitarised border with North Korea, a day after a failed missile launch by the North. The missile blew up almost immediately after its test launch.

On Saturday, in a massive celebration to mark the 105th anniversary of the birth of founding father Kim Il-sung, North Korea paraded what appeared to be a large number of new long-range ballistic missiles.

South Korea said the North’s latest show of force “threatened the whole world”.

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