Syazlin to Resume Role as Lawyer for Adib’s Family in Inquest

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Lawyer Syazlin Mansor said today that she will continue representing the family of the late Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim in the inquest into the firefighter’s death.

She said that her decision was at the behest of the family.

“I will continue representing the deceased’s family in the inquest proceedings.

Ahmad Zamzahuri

“Adib’s father asked me to continue being their lawyer… I am quite close to the family,” she added.

Previously, Shazlin, who was also acting for the Housing and Local Government Ministry as well as the Fire and Rescue Department, was forced to withdraw from the inquest.

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas, who ordered her removal, however, expressed shock that she also chose to stop acting for Adib’s family.

Thomas said her removal from representing the other two parties was due to conflict of interest should the firefighter’s family decide to institute legal action against the government.

Shazlin, however, questioned why her appointment was disputed only when she brought in an expert witness who testified that Adib had been assaulted.

“The chronology of events that happened, in my opinion, clearly shows attempts to disturb the proceedings of the inquest, especially in relation to the testimony by expert witness Prof Dr Shahrom (Abd Wahid),” Syazlin told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon organised by the Muslim Lawyers Association Malaysia.