Syed Saddiq on RM5M Bribe Offer, Threats, Blackmail

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In response to Syed Saddiq’s allegation that he was offered RM5 million to leave the country, both political leaders and members of the public have urged him to report the matter to the MACC.


  • Offered RM5 million to leave the country to take up RM400k Oxford scholarship
  • Offer included grants to open debating schools
  • Instructed to hold a press conference to attack PPBM leaders, paint a negative picture of the party
  • Bribe offer involved Putrajaya
  • Decided to forego the scholarship to stay and help towards betterment of the country
  • Alleged that he and his parents have received threats
  • Claimed he was being blackmailed
  • Planned to report to police, and possibly, MACC

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, the 25-year-old chief of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s (PPBM) youth wing, called Armada, told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Oct 2 that he was offered RM5 million to leave the country and take up his RM400,000 Oxford University scholarship.

He alleged that the bribe offer required him to attack his party’s leaders and denounce the party as being about the leaders’ personal struggles.

“The press conference today was not planned by me. It was planned by this group, I will get RM5 million and grants to start debate schools throughout the country. 

 “For that, I need to leave Malaysia and come out with open statements to attack Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir,” Syed Saddiq said.

He named an individual employed by Putrajaya as the person responsible, but this may not be published for legal reasons.

The former national debater revealed that he was supposed to travel to the United Kingdom to commence his Masters in Public Policy next week.

“If I go to Oxford this year, my heart will not be there. My heart will always be in Malaysia,” he said.

“I may fail and my voice for the betterment of the country may fade and the sacrifice is wasted but at least one day I can face my children and my grandchildren and swear that I tried. I tried my best.”

Admitting that foregoing the scholarship was a difficult decision to make, he said he only did so because of all the “unfinished challenges” in Malaysia.

Deferring his postgraduate studies for the coming academic year means that he will no longer be eligible for any scholarship from Oxford in the future.

“I apologise to my family and close friends. I hope they understand my decision,” he said during the press conference that was broadcast live on Facebook.

Holding back tears, he added that it was his lifelong dream to study at the prestigious British university.

Syed Saddiq said that from now on, he would focus on issues that plagued the country.

“If we as a nation succeed, that is the best success anyone can get. That will forever be my ultimate dream,” he said.

He also claimed that both he and family had been harassed.

“To those who want to threaten and bribe me, let me say that I will not bow down. I cannot be bought.

“If any personal attack goes against my family, I will reveal who are those behind it, those who have met me, including which minister. My dignity cannot be sold.

“If weakening an individual’s financial status does not work, they will go for the individual’s family. My father, my mother were also threatened,” Syed Saddiq said.

A day after the press conference in the Seri Pacific Hotel, located next to the Umno headquarters in Putra World Trade Centre, Syed Saddiq claimed he was being blackmailed.

“I’ll be going to the police station first because this involves blackmailing, which is a particularly sensitive issue as it involves my parents, brother and myself,” he was quoted as saying by The Star.

However, he did not disclose who was behind it or what he was being blackmailed for.

He said he would make a police report on Wednesday and seek the advice of the police.

He said that if necessary, he would then make a report to the MACC the following day.