Vell Paari Can Proceed to Assess Samy Vellu’s Mental Health

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S Samy Vellu’s son, S Vell Paari, was today granted a stay for the hearing of a bid by the former MIC president’s common-law wife, Meeriam Rosaline Edward Paul, to challenge him over his father’s assets.

This means Vell Pari’s request to determine his father’s mental state can proceed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

The Ipoh High Court granted the stay on Meeriam’s challenge.

Meeriam’s lawyer, RSN Rayer, was quoted saying that his client has applied to intervene as a third party in the case to determine Samy Vellu’s mental state.

Meeriam also applied to call Samy Vellu as a witness for cross-examination.

“We can ask him questions in court and find out whether he is mentally fit or not,” Rayer was quoted as saying.

Meeriam, 59, is seeking formal recognition of her common-law marriage with Samy Vellu in 1981.

Farhan Najib

She is claiming RM25,000 in monthly maintenance payments and the freedom to visit the former MIC president without restrictions.

Vell Paari, meanwhile, is seeking control of Samy Vellu’s assets following the latter’s diagnosis with dementia in 2017.

He is being represented by lawyers Prem Ramachandran and David Mathews.

Lawyers RSN Rayer and Ramesh Sivakumar are representing Meeriam.

Rayer said that their intervention application will be heard at the High Court in Kuala Lumpur on September 11.

Meeriam claims to have married Samy Vellu in a customary marriage at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur in 1981, and that the marriage was valid according to the law because it took place before 1982 when all non-Islamic marriages were required to be registered.

Samy Vellu, who has not been publicly seen in recent years, is said to have been diagnosed in 2017 with dementia.

Vell Paari, Samy Vellu’s only son, was absent from today’s closed-door proceeding.