Watson Nyambek Bitcoin Millionaire Scam

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Former sprinter denies Facebook post.

“It is a scam, do not believe it!” Watson Nyambek said today of the viral Facebook post that claims he is a bitcoin millionaire.

The 42-year-old former national sprinter and former 100-metres dash record holder dismissed the post, saying it is a fake and is intended to deceive people who easily fall for get-rich-quick schemes.

“Yes, I am aware of the news that is viral on Facebook. It is a scam, do not believe it,” he told Bernama.

Watson also denied having been interviewed in a talk show hosted by stand-up comedian Harith Iskander to discuss investments in bitcoin as claimed in the post.

He said he will lodge reports with the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and added that he is considering taking legal action.

The post claims that Watson recovered from bankruptcy to become an instant millionaire due to the automated bitcoin trading platform called ‘Bitcoin Revolution’.

It even claims that Watson demonstrated the bitcoin investment at Harith’s talk show by depositing RM1,050 of Harith’s money in the platform and within three minutes the comedian allegedly made a profit of RM2,012.

The fake post also carries pictures of Watson as well as pictures of Harith hosting the talk show.