Apology from DBKL over Rude Guard Refusing Entry to Architect in

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Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has issued a formal apology on its Facebook page over the dress code fuss in one of their buildings. 

The Star

In a Facebook post on Sept 28, Malaysian Institute of Architects past president Datuk Tan Pei Ing wrote that she felt angry and humiliated when she was denied entry into Menara DBKL 3 because of the skirt she was wearing.

She also lamented that the guard was rude to her when telling her the reason why she was not allowed to enter the building.

Tan was there to attend a meeting as a representation of the Malaysian Board of Architects (LAM).

According to her post, she was only allowed in after an executive secretary of LAM contacted an officer from DBKL to accompany her up to the meeting room.

Her post, which has gone viral, included a photo of her in the skirt.

“Do I look so indecent and what is happening to this government department?” Tan wrote.


She also revealed that she had attended three other government-related functions in the same outfit that day and had no issues.

DBKL Enforcement Department director Salim Mansor said they had investigated the matter and taken the necessary action.

“DBKL apologises for the actions of the new security personnel for not being polite and failure to abide by the stipulated regulations,” the post on DBKL’s Facebook page stated, added that the guard has been reprimanded on the matter.

“My policy is simple. I would allow it. We are checking who didn’t allow (her in),” The Star quoted Kuala Lumpur mayor Tan Sri Mohd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz as saying.

The mayor added that he considered Tan’s attire to be decent.