Siti Kasim Lodged Report Against Three Preachers, Including Zamihan

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The lawyer-cum-activist has lodged a report against three Muslim preachers for “spewing lies and slandering” her.

Choo Choy May

Siti Kasim lodged a police report against three Muslim preachers, including the controversial Zamihan Mat Zin, over “lies” that they were said to have made on videos posted online.

She wrote in a Facebook post on Oct 17 that police had notified her that the three preachers will be investigated under the Penal Code’s Section 500 and the Communications and Multimedia Act’s Section 233.

In the police report, she identified three videos on video YouTube that she said respectively featured Zamihan, and two individuals named as ‘Rozaimi Ramle’ and ‘Ustaz Mohd Aslam’.

Section 500 states that the punishment for criminal defamation is a maximum two-year jail term or fine or both, while Section 233 states that the offence of improper use of network services carries a punishment of a maximum one-year jail term or a maximum RM50,000 fine, or both.

Noting that the comments that she makes are her personal opinions, Siti said those who disagreed with her should engage with her in an “intellectual discourse” and present their arguments instead of putting her safety at risk with “lies” by building up hatred against her, Malay Mail Online reported.

“They can’t simply say anything they like without verifying.

“They are preachers, they should be stating facts and truth and say good things, not say really nasty things and encouraging people to hate me,” Siti was quoted as saying.

Siti Kasim/Facebook

According to the report, Siti said that instead of stirring up emotions and making personal attacks against her, they should argue based on the Muslims’ holy book al-Quran and hadith or teachings ascribed to Prophet Muhammad.

“They are scared if I say something, someone will think about it, open up their minds, and their role will be useless.

“If they think they are right, you can just argue from facts, you can’t just say ‘she’s wrong, she’s murtad (apostate)’,” Siti was quoted as saying.

According to the report, the lawyer said their remarks about her were not only “out of line”, but were also “pure lies” that are “actually putting my life in danger” and she has to be “very careful” when she goes out.

“It makes me worried about my safety, my family’s safety,” Siti was quoted as saying.

In her police report, Siti had also said the videos had affected her reputation, adding that there were also “negative comments from netizens about me that could cause my personal safety to be threatened”.

“I will pursue this, I will teach these people a lesson, you can’t spew lies. You can’t say whatever you like without facts,” Siti was quoted as saying.

Siti has reportedly lodged separate police reports against a blog which she claims to be the source of the three individuals’ “lies” as they would refer to it as their source.