Twitter User Threatens to Kill Men Who Support Saudi Women Driving

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Saudi authorities issue arrest warrant for Twitter user over women’s driving threat.

While many hailed King Salman’s announcement of lifting the ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia, some expressed opposition online, with one Twitter user even calling for anyone who supports women driving to be killed.

 Many Saudis welcomed the lifting of the ban, with some hopeful that it would signal wider reforms for women’s rights while car companies are already excited about courting a new market of drivers.

However, on a sour note. a Twitter user, who was not named, was alleged to have referred to men who support women driving as “cuckolds who should be killed”, according to state-linked Asharq Al Awsat newspaper.

It was reported that Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor issued an arrest warrant on Sept 30 for the Twitter user.

The prosecutor’s announcement came two days after a separate arrest warrant was issued for a man who threatened in a video clip posted online to attack women drivers.

In the statement, the prosecutor vowed to monitor for threats of abuse and pursue cases against those who “incite attacks against society and violations of the rights of others”.