A Tennis Star Is Born!

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Six-year-old humiliates adult opponent in tennis match.

  • Ape named Riki beats owner/trainer at tennis match
  • Jumps to hit overhead smash shots!
  • Clever and adorable or victim of animal cruelty?

Six-year-old humiliates adult opponent in a tennis match.

He’s six years old and he humiliated his opponent in a tennis match. He’s no ordinary kid, but an ape!

Trained by his owner and beating him at a match, the video of Riki’s agile moves on the tennis court is taking the Internet by storm.

Using an appropriately sized racket, Riki begins with volley practice. Impressively, each time he is fed a ball, he manages to return it over the small net. Into the match, he even jumps to hit overhead smash shots! At the end of the game, Riki pats his opponent when he is congratulated for winning.

No doubt Riki is clever and adorable, but the reaction to the footage has been mixed. Some viewers are calling it cruel as the unlikely tennis star is tied to a rope throughout the match.