Ozone Therapy Banned

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One of the latest ‘alternative’ beauty treatments in the country which quickly became popular, ozone therapy is now banned.

  • No scientific evidence to support claims of benefits
  • Can result in severe medical complications, including death
  • Celebrities distanced themselves from ozone therapy

According to the New Straits Times, the Health Ministry has announced today that Ozone Therapy is now officially banned in the country.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam said the ministry had completed its study on the treatment in the wake of a series of reports published in January by the NST Special Probes team on exposing unscrupulous practices by beauty practitioners and purported health spas. One of them was ozone therapy, which claimed, among many, to have the ability to rejuvenate one’s skin and beauty, whiten skin complexion and slow the ageing process. It had the endorsement of some local celebrities, who have since distanced themselves after being informed of the dangerous side effects of this treatment by the newspaper.

The Health Ministry’s report revealed that there was no scientific evidence whatsoever to support claims of a multitude of benefits from the supposed therapy; instead, the assessment showed that it could lead to severe medical complications, including death.

“Among others, the therapy potentially exposes users to risks of bleeding from the usage of heparin (blood thinning medicine), embolism (blockage of blood vessel from air bubbles), and infection from non-sterile instruments. It could also lead to permanent disability resulting from impairment of organs such as the kidneys,” Subramaniam said.

He also said that ozone therapy treatment uses a machine that is classified as a medical device under the Medical Device Act 2012 as it is akin to a dialysis machine – it involves putting a needle into one’s vein and running your blood through the machine. To date, the Ministry has not received any application or registration for this machine in the country.

The penalty for those who flout the law? A fine not exceeding RM200,000 or three years in jail, or both.

The public can forward their complaints about registered medical practitioners who provide ozone therapy to the Malaysian Medical Council for further action via telephone at 603-2691-2171, fax at 603-2691-2937/2693-8569, email at admin.mmc@moh.gov.my, or make an online complaint at www.mmc.gov.my/index.php/making-a-complaint.