Mah Sing’s “Unsung Heroes”

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A poignant story of migrant workers’ sacrifice and hardship working away from their families, even during Raya.

Unlike most Hari Raya videos which feature locals, property developer Mah Sing Group’s latest video pays tribute to its Muslim migrant workers who often don’t get to celebrate Raya with their families in their home countries. Instead, they work through Ramadan and spend Raya in Malaysia.

The company posted on Facebook that there are more than two million migrant workers in Malaysia, who it describes as “Unsung Heroes”.

It said, “They are far away from their homes so that they can help build ours. We want to share their stories here that are often untold.”

The 3.5-minute video, which has garnered more than 1.5 million views, shares the poignant stories of workers at Mah Sing’s Southville City development in Bangi and the hardships they face working away from their families.

Mohamed Johorlah says he works even while fasting as he has to provide for his mother, wife and four sons back home.

“My aunt, younger brother and youngest daughter died but I couldn’t go home,” the Bangladeshi national reveals. 

Indonesian Mishari says when he went home, he did not recognise his daughter from the photos he had of her when she was younger.

He adds that he “cried in his heart because as a man, he cannot shed tears”.

To celebrate the workers’ sacrifice, Mah Sing Group treated its more than 600 Muslim construction workers to a ‘buka puasa’ event in Southville City during Ramadan.

The video shows Mah Sing Group managing director Tan Sri Leong Hoy Kum, chief executive officer Datuk Ho Hon Sang and Mah Sing employees distributing meal packs and RM50 ‘duit raya’.

Myanmar national Rothur, who says he misses his family back home, thanked the company for organising the event, adding it was the happiest he had been in the last three years.