A Doctor’s Revenge: One Killed, Six Wounded at Bronx Hospital

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On Friday, Henry Bello returned to the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital where he used to work and went on a deadly rampage, killing a female doctor and wounding at least six people before killing himself.

  • Lost his job because of threatening emails to fellow doctor
  • Carried through his threat of returning to exact revenge
  • Attempted to set himself on fire before shooting himself
  • Literally went gunning for doctors
  • At least two previous criminal charges

Accounts of what happened at the hospital as well as records of Henry Bello’s troubled past are starting to emerge.

Apparently, in February 2015, Bello resigned in lieu of being dismissed for sending threatening emails to a fellow physician at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.

He reportedly departed threatening to return and exact bloody revenge.

On Friday afternoon, Bello, 45, did exactly that.

He donned a white medical coat and went up to the 16th floor of the medical centre. He reportedly asked for the doctor who had been the subject of his threatening emails and was told the doctor was not around.

He produced an assault rifle and reportedly started firing at the nurse’s station and into an adjoining office, before heading up to the 17th floor. He encountered a female doctor there and shot her multiple times.

Then Bello attempted to set himself on fire before using the rifle to kill himself after police officers converged on the hospital.

Five of the wounded victims are said to be in critical condition.

New York City Mayor de Blasio said the shooting appeared to be workplace related.

Former colleagues reportedly said Bello was literally gunning for doctors.

Bello had a criminal record that included an arrest for attempted burglary and was also charged for a sex attack on a stranger.

A grisly photograph posted on Twitter shows Bello lying face up on a blood-stained floor as an armed police officer stands over him.