Afif Slapped with Show-Cause Letter from PKR Disciplinary Board

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Former PKR Youth deputy chief Dr Afif Bahardin has been issued a show-cause letter by the party’s Disciplinary Board for allegedly causing trouble at the party’s Youth Congress last year.

The PKR Permatang Pauh division deputy chief said he received the letter this afternoon and was given 14 days to reply.

Afif said he learnt that several other PKR Youth leaders had been similarly served the show-cause letter although he did not have their names.

“I will be contacting my friends to find out how many received this letter,” he told reporters last night.

“I have to discuss with them on how to address this issue, to see what are the accusations against us.

“We are committed to seeing the party managed well as the people are watching PKR and its leadership.

“Everyone, including grassroots members, is watching how PKR leadership is managing the party today,” he said.

As to who were also issued with show-cause letters, Afif said: “All I know is those issued with the letters are party members.”

Sayuti Zainudin

“They are the party activist, the movers of the Youth wing, who had been instrumental in getting the support from the young people which led to our victory in the last general election.

“And the majority of them have been with PKR all their life.

“They are party members who are leaders at the grassroots level and who have been fighting all this while defending Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the party’s struggles,” Afif said.

The show-cause letter, dated Feb 20 and signed by Disciplinary Board chairman Datuk Ahmad Kassim, alleged that Afif was involved in activities to sabotage the Youth Congress in Ayer Keroh, Melaka on Dec 6 last year.

Afif was accused of not complying to the party’s constitution and code of ethics.

The party also claimed that he did not obey the directives or decisions of the party.

“(You) should respect other party members regardless of race or religion.

“(You) have carried out activities to sabotage the party and its leadership,” the letter read.

Afif, who is state Agriculture, Agro-based Industry, and Rural and Health Development Committee chairman, said this was the first time he had heard of the charges against him.

Admitting he was upset to have received the show-cause letter, he said: “However, as a member who always defended the party’s discipline, I have a responsibility to see the party back on the right track.”

“You can judge by yourself. This is the first time I’ve received such a letter.

“Since the party’s congress until now, there has not been any communication about what I allegedly did to sabotage the party,” the Penang executive councillor said.

“I attended the congress as a party delegate, and I was there at the youth congress as an observer,” stressed the Seberang Jaya assemblyperson.

“I do not know who made the complaint against me and what are their motives, these questions should be addressed to the party leadership,” he added.