Alleged Road Bully’s Side of the Story

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The man who was allegedly involved in two road rage incidents in the Klang Valley recently, which went viral on social media, has come forward to tell his side of the story.

Businessman Simren Singh, 27, said the netizens’ rage against him based on what they see on social media was not fair to him, The Sun Daily reported.


“One has to avoid making decisions based on a YouTube video. Yes, it is not right to make rude hand gestures. But did the video viewers know what actually happened? Some social media users are even hurling profanities and threatening me.

“In the recent incident on July 13 at about 1.30pm, I was on my way back home. I was driving along Jalan Genting Klang in Setapak and was trying to enter the right lane when a vehicle driven by a man clad in grey hit my car.

“It was an accident and so we parked our vehicles at the side of the road to discuss the matter. But the man looked angry and used racist slurs on me,” Simren said, regarding the footage which shows him arguing with an elderly man.

He said a passer-by tried to calm the situation and advised him to get into the car, saying that it was not safe as a group of youths wearing full-visor helmets were surrounding them.

“I even told the man to settle the incident with me. I noticed that the man’s vehicle road tax had expired. Passers-by started to intervene and I decided to escape the scene. The man was taking pictures of my car and God knows for what reason he started to punch and kick my vehicle,” Simren said.

He added that he felt the situation was getting out of hand and decided to make his exit but in his haste, he backed into the elderly man’s car.

Simren, who lodged a traffic police report, said, “I am not sure about the man but I was told by the investigating officer that the man has yet to lodge a traffic report about the accident.”

On another incident that occurred earlier this year along Jalan Ampang, Simren said the person who uploaded the video on the incident edited it and failed to show the part where she rear-ended his vehicle.

“She knocked into me from the back. I was waiting for her to stop but she tried to escape and that prompted me to chase her and block her from escaping. Eventually, she stopped and I got out of my car to take a picture of her car and that’s when I saw a passenger, who is a foreigner, recording my actions.

Xafiq El Shah/The Sun Daily

“If I am a road bully, I could have used a weapon or anything to threaten her but I didn’t do it,” he added.