Another Case of Schoolboy Abused in Religious School

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Just two days after the death of Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, another case of a schoolboy being abused in a religious school has surfaced.

  • Ustaz from Klang private boarding school charged with causing hurt
  • 11-year-old student suffered multiple bruises on back and chest wall
  • Parents engaged lawyer to re-examine case

Recently, newsworthy incidents seem to have a way of happening twice over: the two mishaps to the same airline, the collapse of two get-rich schemes, and now another student claims abuse in religious school while the nation is still mourning the death of the abused Johor schoolboy Thaqif. Weird.

According to The Star, 11-year-old Muhammad Resan Abdullah claimed that an ustaz in a private religious boarding school had abused him and threatened to further punish him if he complained to his parents.

“He also said my brain would not be able to memorise the Quran if I complained about an ustaz,” Resan was quoted as saying.

Resan had enrolled at the Klang school for only a few weeks when his parents found him frail and covered in bruises during a visit. The boy was admitted to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital for a fortnight. His medical report showed that he had multiple bruises on his back and chest wall. He also suffered from severe constipation due to low fibre and fluid intake.

The ustaz was charged for causing hurt.

Resan’s mother, Suraya Fatima Abdullah, had at first thought his son’s case was an isolated one but she changed her mind after reading about Thaqif. She said she was saddened by Thaqif’s death and realised the same could have happened to Resan.

“Such abuse must be stopped. Parents send their children to religious schools to acquire knowledge and become good Muslims, not to be beaten up like this,” she said.

Resan’s parents have engaged a lawyer to re-look into their son’s case.