Anwar: My Patience Has Limits

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PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has warned his detractors in the party that his patience has run out and that he would act on any possible move to split and weaken the party.

At the Perak PKR convention held yesterday, Anwar said he has been very patient because he felt the party members have a right to give their views.

“This is a democratic party, where the people’s heads will not roll for speaking up. I don’t want this to happen.

Farhan Najib/MMO

“(As a result), people are saying Anwar is weak. (PKR information chief) Shamsul Iskandar (Md Akin) even said Anwar’s patience is at the level of God,” Anwar said in his opening speech at the Perak PKR Convention at Dewan Jubli Perak in Kuala Kangsar yesterday.

“Don’t test me. I have been patient because I think the people are entitled to offering their views.

Muhaizan Yahya/NST

“(If my) patience gives the impression that the party is split and weak, then I will not have it.

“As long as I am the party president, my responsibility is to build the party’s strength and respect the voices of the grassroots,” he added.

However, Anwar did not elaborate on what action he would to take on those who attempt to split and weaken the party.

The Port Dickson MP also informed the grassroots that he has had a long chat with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Last Thursday, I had a long chat with him to give him full support as the chief. Don’t make it difficult, so that we can be united, instead of being split,” he said.

Also present at the event were PKR vice-presidents Dr Xavier Jayakumar and Dr Lee Boon Chye, Perak PKR chairman Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak, and Perak PKR vice-chairman Tan Kar Hing.

Anwar also spoke of the wide reporting in the media on the escalated infighting in PKR ahead of its national congress, which will be held in Malacca from Dec 5 to 8.

According to Anwar, the heads and grassroots of all divisions in Perak attended the state PKR congress yesterday, except one division head, who couldn’t attend as his mother was sick in Temerloh.

“The media is so busybody (in) saying there is a split (in PKR). What split is that? We have only three or four members out of one million members who made complaints. That’s normal,” he said.

He stressed that all members belong to the camp of PKR.

He pledged to show off the strength of PKR as a united party in the coming national congress.

“Our friends, including (party vice-president) (Dr) Xavier (Jayakumar) advised (me) to show off our strength and not to be bothered by negative things said (about the party).

Farhan Najib/MMO

“I forgive easily. Naked also I forgive, for being thrown into prison also I forgive. But, enough. Now, we have to bring a new message.

“Media, listen carefully. No matter what had happened, when you come to the Dec 7 (congress), you will see a united and stronger (PKR) at the congress,” Anwar said.

PKR members of all races would be flooding Malacca to create a new history, he added.

Farhan Najib/MMO

“We are expecting a huge number of PKR members nationwide from various race, religion and background to turn up, and this will show that PKR now is stronger and sturdier than before,” Amwar said.

The dispute surrounding the PKR national congress caused the rift among members to deepen after the party deputy president, Azmin Ali, was not invited to officiate the Youth congress this year.

Baru Bian, a staunch supporter of Azmin, then called off the Nov 23 Sarawak PKR congress, but that was rejected by the party.

There were also allegations that some might moot a no-confidence vote against Anwar at the party congress.

Speculation has been rife that a separate congress will be held parallel to the national congress. However, both Anwar and secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail have dismissed this claim.